#Dresden: Paintbomb Attack Against “Ballhaus Watzke” After Speeches By AFD Fascists At #DD1701

During the night hours activists carried out a paint bomb attack against the “Ballhaus Watzke” in Dresden, Germany. The “Ballhaus Watzke” was the location of the fascist AFD event, where prominent AFD party members held radical speeches on January 17th.


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#Antifa: Cops Allegedly Provided Information to Fascist Terror Group in #Freital, #Germany

State prosecuters are investigating 3 cops from the German state of Saxony for allegedly providing information to suspects of the fascist terror group Freital. But there could be more. The neo-nazi Freital group carried out several arson attacks against refugee shelters.


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#DisruptJ20 #DC: Massive Queer Dance Party takes the Street Near Pence’s house

On the 18th of January, a packed crowd marched from the Friendship Heights Metro to Western Eve and Tenneson St, as close to the home of Mike Pence as police barricades on the side street would let them get. Most of the crowd had to stay on Western Ave simply due to its size. The message of the crowd was simple: the hate and bigotry Pence stands for will not be tolerated. This was a Disrupt J20 and Werk for Peace event.


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#Florence, #Italy Update On Raids Following Explosion At “Il Bargello” Neo-Nazi Bookshop

At the 1st January 2017 at around midday the Digos (anti terror unit) of Florence turned up at three flats in the city and a house in the province of Prato. They searched the homes and cars of those who were there, looking for weapons and explosives. They found nothing apart from one instance, where they seized electrical material (cables, switches, bulbs) and various items (computers, ‘bormioli’ glass jar lids, beeswax…)


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#Guatemala: Activist Killed Protesting Hydroelectric Project

An activist was killed Tuesday in Guatemala during a clash between protesters and police at a demonstration led by Indigenous community members who oppose the construction of a hydroelectric plant in San Mateo Ixtatan, a municipality in the country’s western highlands.


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#DD1701 #NoAFD: AFD’s #Höcke Calling For Germans To Stop Atoning For Their Nazi Past


Björn Höcke, chairman of the AFD group in the parliament of the German state of Thuringia showed his true face once again during a speech in Dresden, Germany last night.hocke17jan

Image: Screenshot of Björn Höcke during yesterdays speech in Dresden, Germany (No photoshop, its the shadow of the mic…).

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#DisruptJ20 #J20 Why We’re Protesting: An Anarchist Perspective on the Trump Inauguration

On January 20, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. There to protest the know-nothing real estate mogul’s ascent to office will be many of the people he’s insulted and denigrated over the past year and a half: women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants – representatives of the majority of the population of the U.S.

Many of us protestors are anarchists.

Why anarchists?


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#J20 #SF: #Camp120 Will Hold Space in Front of City Hall Until Inauguration Day to Protest the Inaction of DA Gascón

San Francisco, CA, January 17, 2017 — To honor the call, made by the Anti Police Terror Project for 120 hours of direct actions to uphold the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., local community organizers have planned to camp out in front of San Francisco’s City Hall until January 20th, 2017. They kicked off their camp out with a free community concert Tuesday night, that mobilized over 150 youth, parents, and community members.


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#DisruptJ20 #J20 Whoever They Vote For, We Are Ungovernable – A History of Anarchist Counter-Inaugural Protest

Thousands of protestors will stream into the streets of Washington, DC on January 20 to oppose the incoming presidency of Donald Trump. As they march, chant, unfurl their banners, and attempt to disrupt the inauguration, they step into a decades-long history of protests against the presidential spectacle.


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#J20 #DisriptJ20 #Antifa #Seattle Defend Our City: Take Action Against #Milo at UW!

Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos will be coming to UW in Seattle as part of his
“Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour on Friday January 20th and will be speaking
in room 130 of Kane Hall from 7-10PM. If you’re not familiar with his work,
here is a cited list of some of the disgusting behavior he engages in.


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