Statement on #Mayday and #Pikeville, #KY, #antifa mobilisation

We support anarchists and revolutionaries going to Pikeville at the end of April to oppose these fascists and to commemorate May Day, International Workers’ Day. And we go to Pikeville to organize with working people . . . to oppose fascism and to build a united working class struggle for freedom and revolution.


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From #Rojava to #China, the #IRPGF Stands in Solidarity with Chinese Feminists!

IRPGF Statement of Solidarity with Chinese Feminists



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Fascist German Soldier With False Refugee Status Allegedly Planned Terror Attack

A German soldier who falsely registered as a Syrian refugee has been arrested for planning a terror attack. Investigators believe the lieutenant was motivated by a “xenophobic background”.


Image: Bundeswehr © fabbio at (CC 2.0)

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Refugee #Squat #Zürich: “Fight With Me Against the Camp System”

In Switzerland, refugees are often isolated and housed in old fall-out bunkers all over the country. There is, of course, no sunlight and people are exposed to constant harassment by the authorities. Frida Frey spoke to one of thirteen illegalised refugees who took into consideration, that for them to get out and be part of society is more important than complying with what the state tells them to do. He doesn’t want to be called by his real name, he prefers to be called by «something simple, like ‘illegalised refuge’ or ‘refuge activist’». In March 2017, they decided to move into a derelict house in central Zurich that is owned by Credit Suisse Group AG.


Image: Refugee squat in Zürich, Switzerland

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#Brazil: Call for General Strike, Friday, April 28th

Today, April 28 is a day of nation-wide mobilization against the austerity measures and fiscal adjustments of that are eroding workers’ rights. Demonstrations and a general strike will be occurring, led by those who are being oppressed in Brazil, especially workers.


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Pre #Mayday Repression? Notes on Recent FBI Activity in the Northwest

FBI visited several different houses in Seattle, Denver and Olympia. Some people were temporarily detained.


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#Mayday #CA: Shut It Down May 1st: Respect Our Humanity

Oakland Sin Fronteras writes: International Workers’ Day has been a time to uplift the struggles, honor the sacrifices, and celebrate the triumphs of working people across the world.



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On the Question of Violence and Nonviolence

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#France Video: Cop Pulled A Gun Against Protesters in #Rennes

In France protests against the elcection system continued today. Many schools in Paris, Nantes, Rennes and other cities were closed due to blockades by students. In Rennes 3000 students took the streets, a cop pulled a gun against protesters.


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#Vienna: #Squat in Kienmayergasse 15 Evicted – And now?

The occupation of the building in Kienmayergasse 15 in Vienna (Austria) is over, but the struggle goes on! Noone left the house voluntarily! Noone fulfilled the demands of the owner and noone left voluntarily! At the time of the eviction there was noone home, but that doesn’t mean that the occupiers didn’t prefer to stay! That the police evicted the building based on an action for eviction of the owner „Vestwerk“, shows clearly who the law and the its executioners are protecting: property, profit, power,… Those who don’t these things loose, get displaced, become the affected ones of a capitalist logic of exploitation, which they didn’t choose.


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