#SanctionAustralia – Refugee Detention, Torture and Abuse by Australia doesn’t Stop for Holidays, New Year Celebrations, Christmas Carols or Sporting Events

Ex-detainees request to take a stand during end of year holiday events and bring to the forefront the forgotten people in our community being tortured, refouled and abused by the Australian government while mainstream Australia celebrates this “festive” season. Statement by RISE eX-detainee Team.


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#Greece: Solidarity With Prisoners on 5th Wing of #Korydallos Prison

Statement by the Committee of Prison Struggle at Korydallos about the situation on wing 5 of Korydallos prison.


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#Athens: Two People Still Imprisoned After Clashes During Anniversary of Police Murder of #AlexisGrigoropoulos

During the clashes on this years 9th anniversary of the police murder on Alexis Grigoropoulos in Athens eight people were arrested. Two of them are still imprisoned.


Image: Athens on December 6, 2017.

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Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939)

On July 19, 1936, the Spanish Revolution and Civil War began (Anarchism, Volume One, Chapter 23). Anarchists in the anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation, the Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), and the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) were instrumental in preventing fascist military forces from taking over Spain in one fell swoop, organizing armed resistance and collectivizing the fields and factories in areas where they were able. This is a translation of a CNT-FAI pamphlet approved at the December 6, 1936 Regional Plenum of the FAI for distribution to Spanish peasants unfamiliar with the CNT-FAI, in order to assure them that the CNT-FAI was opposed to the forced collectivization of the land, but also to convince them of the benefits of libertarian communism.The translation is by Paul Sharkey.


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Cops Destroy Tents of Refugees & Migrants in Snowy #Paris

In the middle of  the preparations for our stay on Lesvos, Greece, we want to remind you that the Greek islands are not the only places in Europe where refugees are suffering the inhuman treatment by EU member states. People are suffering illegal pushbacks and police violence in many European states. Last night cops destroyed tents of migrants and refugees in Paris, France. The violent treatment of refugees and migrants is increasing across Europe.


Image: Refugees and migrants sleeping on the streets of Paris. Image by Facebook page Paris Refugee Ground Support

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We, Anarchists and Libertarian Communists in the Class Struggle in Capitalist Europe

The European organizations which are part of the Anarkismo network met on the 18th and 19th of November in Genoa. We discussed and exchanged, thought and reflected together, attempting as a network to plan a strategy for forward movement. Delegations from Wales, France, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland – with a warm solidarity statement from our Catalan comrades of Embat – expressed the need to clarify and deepen our common work.


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#Athens, #Greece: Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis Continue Hunger Strike in #Korydallos Prisons

Revolutionary Struggle members Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa are on hunger strike since November 11th 2017.


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Anarchist Social Organization

The rise of the right and the incapacity of the institutional left to offer an alternative is pressing the crucial question for our time: what is our strategy in pre-revolutionary times? The revolutionary left is fixated on the ruptures and revolutions of history, and this has done little to prepare us for the present. In the United States there are no nation-wide social movements to draw upon in forging a new social force. Resistance remains largely fragmented, and more often than not abstracted from the struggles of daily life and carried out by a semi-professional activist subculture. The challenge then is where to begin, or more specifically how to move beyond the knowledge, experiences, and groups of the past two decades towards a broader social movement?


Image: by Libcom.org.

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More Than 400 People Walked in #Hambacher Forest Today.

Today’s walk in the Forest has attracted over 400 people reflecting a wave of popular support sweeping not just the region but all of Germany and from around the world. This is happening at the time when the rulling parties are no loger able or willing to hold an argument on exiting from coal and its effects on the climate but istead have become an extension of RWE special interests and are trying to redirect attention and justify large police actions to destroy the last of Hambi by talk of extremism and violence.


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Boris Yelensky: Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution

Boris Yelensky’s In the Social Storm – Memoirs of the Russian Revolution, is a neglected text even in anarchist circles. Yelensky was living in exile in Chicago when news of the February Revolution in Russia reached him. He returned to Russia in July 1917, going back to the Kuban region on the Black Sea, where he began organizing factory workers throughout the area, with the centre of his activities being in the port city of Novorossiysk. In this except from his Memoirs, Yelensky describes how a relatively small group of anarchists was able to organize factory committees in Novorossiysk and surrounding areas in the weeks leading up to the October Revolution. While Council Communists and other far left Marxists like to claim the idea of factory committees as their own, while portraying anarcho-syndicalists as advocates of bureaucratic trade union organization, the fact remains that anarchists were at the forefront of the factory committee movements in Russia, and a couple of years later, in Italy. At the 1918 All-Russian Conference of Anarcho-Syndicalists in Moscow, the delegates confirmed their commitment to factory committees as organs of worker self-management. I included the Conference’s Resolution on Factory Committees in Volume One of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas.


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