#Chile: Eight Mapuche Movement Leaders Arrested in “Operation Hurricane,” Amidst Mapuche Hunger Strike

Special Police Forces continue brutalization of Mapuche resistance in outrageous criminalizing spectacle during the ongoing Mapuche Hunger Strike.


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#Catalonia: Statement by #CNT Union of #Catalunya & Balearic Islands

Statement by the anarchist CNT union of Catalonia and Balearic Islands.


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#FreeTheRoszke11: Justice for #AhmedH – Fundraising for Defense Lawyer

In a case that Amnesty International has called an “affront to justice”, Ahmed H., a Syrian with residency in Cyprus, has been charged with violating anti-terrorism laws for participating in a protest in Röszke, Hungary, during September 2015.


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#Athens #Greece: Αnnouncement of the Themistokleous 58 Squat

The anarchist squat Themistokleous is not calling for an assembly at Sunday 24/9, 5:00 p.m., at the Gini building nor will participate in this assembly.


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#Catalonia: We Just Want to Stop Pleading

As anarchists we are not exactly enthousiastic about states. Not about old states and not about new states. Still the developments in Catalonia are important. The repression by the spanish state, shows the ugly Francoist face of the governing Partido Popular (PP). Thats actually not surprising, as the Partido Popular was founded by Franquists, several ministers of Franco’s fascist regime were among the founders of the PP. The party has its roots in the People’s Alliance founded on 9 October 1976 by former Francoist minister Manuel Fraga. We reblog an editorial by Simona Levi,  theatre director and activist. She is co-founder of the Spanish group Xnet and of 15MpaRato, a citizens’ device to bring to court those responsible for the economic crisis in Spain. We dont agree on everything she wrote in her editorial, which is a call to the people of Spain, but we think its an important read.


Image by Twitter account @15MBcn_int

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#Chile: #Mapuche Political Prisoners in Hunger Strike for More Than 100 Days

The Lonko Alfredo Tralcal Coche and the siblings Benito, Ariel and Pablo Trangol Galindo, have been on a hunger strike for 107 days after starting their protest against irregular detention and after completing more than a year in remand prison without conclusive evidence against them, under the so-called “Anti-Terror Law”, which includes the use of faceless witnesses. They are accused of an incendiary attack against an evangelical temple in the town of Padre Las Casas, of which they declare themselves innocent. It should be noted that one of them, Ariel Trangol, professes the evangelical religion.


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#Greece: African Street Musician Assaulted by Racist Cops in #Athens

Cops assaulted an immigrant street musician at Monastiraki, Athens, and at the police department in Omonoia.


Image by http://www.antiracismfascism.org

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From #Pitt to #Georgia Tech: Cops Off Campus!

On Wednesday morning, we dropped two banners at the University of Pittsburgh. They read, “From Pitt to Georgia Tech: Disarm the Police, Arm Your Desire” and “Solidarity with St. Louis and Atlanta: Fuck the Police.”


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#CNT Warns of Riot Cops Shipped into #Barcelona Docks

In the febrile atmosphere of Catalonia’s attempted independence referendum and repression from Madrid, activists with the anarchist CNT union report that national police have been shipped in from all over Spain and are holed up at Barcelona’s port, seemingly in preparation to crush any significant upheavals.


Image by Twitter account @PortuariosCNT

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One Hundred Cops Spend 11 Hours Evicting a Tripod in #Germany’s #Hambacher Forest

On September 19th at 8 o’clock in the morning approx 100 cops entered the millenarian Hambacher Forest, occupied for last six years blocking the expansion of RWE’s open cast lignite mine, to remove the “The Tripod”, a live-in barricade.


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