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Proteste in #Slowenien #Slovenia #Gotofje #Ljubljana #Maribor

In Slowenien gingen die Menschen diese Woche in vielen Städten auf die Straße, um gegen Korruption und Kürzungspolitik zu demonstrieren. Die Armut steigt, seit 2009 ist die slowenische Wirtschaft um 8% geschrumpft.

Die mainstream Berichterstattung hebt natürlich mal wieder die Krawallen hervor, die übergroße Mehrheit der Demonstranten waren aber friedlich und mit Blumen unterwegs.
Die mainstream Berichterstattung hebt natürlich mal wieder die Krawallen hervor, die übergroße Mehrheit der Demonstranten waren aber friedlich und mit Blumen unterwegs.

Wie in vielen anderen EU-Ländern erleben die Slowenen wie Politiker einander ablösen ohne dass sich im Land etwas ändert. Sie glauben nicht mehr an das Parteiensystem und akzeptieren die Kürzungspolitik nicht länger. Sie glauben nicht, dass die heute stattfindenden Wahlen etwas ändern werden; es wird ein sehr niedrige Wahlbeteiligung erwartet.


Die Kürzungen treffen, wie in vielen anderen EU-Ländern vor allem die ärmeren Teile der Bevölkerung. Es gab viele Verletzte und Verhaftungen. Neue Proteste wurden angekündigt.


Hier eine Karte mit Städten in denen diese Woche demonstriert wurde.
Hier eine Karte mit Städten in denen diese Woche demonstriert wurde.

Livestreams und Videos aus Slowenien:

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14 thoughts on “Proteste in #Slowenien #Slovenia #Gotofje #Ljubljana #Maribor

  1. there were about 10 000 peaceful protesters and about 50 – 100 rioters, which again seem to have stolen the reports by the (foreign) media. the rioters were there to provoke a response from the police by throwing granite cubes and firecrackers and tried to break the barriers in front of parliament. the police only responded after about 2 hours when they were pushed back from the barriers by a shower of objects being thrown at them. peaceful protesters tried all along to calm the violent protesters and offered flowers to the policemen which most of them accepted and wore them on their protective gear. in the aftermath, judging by comments on the leading media news sites, the majority of slovenian public condemned the hooligans and generally expressed approval of actions by the police. unlike three days earlier when maribor clashes were actually provoked by the police. there are also eyewitness reports that state that the ljubljana rioters’ level of organization and coordination and their communication equipment indicate that the rioters might have been hired to turn peaceful demonstrations into violent.

    1. Again we did not write that the majority was violent.

      1. but the videos you posted suggest just that and you didn’t point out that that wasn’t the case.

      2. We changed one of the pics and wrote a comment under it that the mainstream media created a picture of a violent majority but that wasn’t the case. Actually in almost all videos we saw there was violence, not only in the the mainstream media videos. So maybe people should work on their “own” coverage of the events.

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t stay quiet. News is misleading! You should spread the correct and proper news about riots in Slovenia – it is not peaceful protesters making clashes, but individual’s joined in groups!

    And those individuals are NOT protesting against corruption, non ethic and non moral leadership in past 20 years since Slovenia took the course of independence.
    They are just making and taking the situation on way where it’s not suppose to be and with which the protesters are not agreeing with!
    What is their goal we do not know, but for sure they are not part of us!

    First in Maribor, yesterday in Ljubljana. Even thou the police in Ljubljana was prepared for them, the number of those individuals was too big for police to handle peacefully.
    The protesters are against facts which we are witnessing. In those 20 years we are facing people on leading positions taking advantage for them selves and their families, like paying out huge amount’s of “salaries/rewords”, giving jobs to family members or friends without proper education, buying & building manors and little castles, weekend houses, having companies thru which they takeover the business and contracts, yet on the other hand destroying little people. And we are just fed up with it and them!

    I’m proud to be Slovenian but ashamed in name of all those people, who are destroying our country, our system and us. Slovenians are known as calm, but when the borders is crossed, there is no return.

    So I’m asking each any everyone who is responsible for spreading word to the word – for word to be correct, proper and truthful and nothing else!

    1. We did not write that the majority was violent.

      1. Hi,
        no, you didn’t say majority, but you are covering whole situation as “general protesters”. Yes true the videos are pointing out something – and this is our point – this are just those individuals! as it can also be seen on some videos and pictures all the rest – the real protesters are avoiding them and distance them selves from those individuals.

        We are not claiming that your reporting is bad, only that is showing just one side of the situation but sadly not proper one.

        In stories and articles like this then all Slovenians and Slovenia it self is shown like war zone and in total collapse which is not true. Also all Slovenians are staying peaceful and determent that violence is not our path.

        Thank you for understanding.

      2. The real story which should be presented to world is how and who in political chairs is draining the little people, how they are doing it… Putting all what they can as greedy animals into their pockets, cheating, laying… and then taking from us.
        What we want is politic’s with high moral, high ethic, pure heart and truth in their hearts and on mouth, taking care for us, for our country, not their asses.

    2. Actually our story didn’t sprak much about violence. It was more about the cuts and why the people protested. We decided to replace the videos by the livestream channel. The videos on the livestream channel give a better picture. Thanks for your comments.

  3. here is one more video, to see how real protesters were protesting – singing old Slovenian songs. camera goes around and world will see – no violence


  4. no disrespect meant in my previous comments.
    here is a video with english subtitles that might give a sense of the role of that violent minority:

    1. No everything ok, thanks for the video! 😀

  5. actually, it is a bit more complicated than that. the explanation Tea gave is the official explanation, but actually things were not as clear in reality, but all the media presented a story already shaped.
    here is another video, showing, that the ‘nazis’ were no nazis, but wore a slovenian ancient symbol, which is used by many clubs and organizations (even some special army forces), but is more and more being demonised as nazi, because a new extremem right wing group has also adopted it. so the media tends to portray everyone, using the panther symbol as a nazi, although this is far from reality.
    so these guys with the symbol of the karantanian panther, were provoked by some leftists, who accused them of being nazi. we can hear also english language, which is quite odd and shows there were some foreigners, shouting at protesters as being nazi.
    then, the police went into the crowd, suposedly wanting to isolate the ‘nazis’, although there was no reason for that, because nobody did anythign untill then, apart from some people shouting at the guys with the panther symbol.
    when the police acted, hell broke loose.
    after the event, all news jumped at the explanation, saying that nazis have spoilt the demonstrations.
    i think it is possible, that the so called leftists want to isolate themselves from the ones being accused of coruption and are now trying to interpret the rightwingers to be responsible for all problems. that is why they used the demonisation tactics and now are hopingm that the protests will be oriented only against the right wing government, instead into the whole political establishment, being corrupted to the core.

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