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#OccupyGezi – After Police raids on Wednesday: “They Mean All of Us!”

weg_mit_129a_b_mediumOn Wednesday there were searches and arrests in Wuppertal and other cities in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. The federal state prosecuter in Germany targeted in Wuppertal the “Anatolische Föderation”. Those involved are accused of “supporting” respectively “member of a terrorist group in a foreign country” (paragraph 129b). In Germany four people got arrested, 2 from Cologne and 2 from Wuppertal.

But what does “terrorist groups in a foreign country” exactly means? Its goal is to divide us  and to create fear for people who sometimes live and work with us for decades. Its a legal trick that can be used without any problems since the hysterical flood of laws after 9/11. This construction criminalizes people who have allegedly relations and contacts to groups in their country of origin that are classified as “terror” groups by the state of that country. In this case the Turkish state. So called “support” of such groups can be collecting money and sending it home.

In some cases people who were convicted for “129b” were imprisoned for several years in German prisons because they were selling newspapers or magazines here in Germany and allegedly sended the profits to groups in their country of origin. Their “terror” act was in some cases selling newspapers.

In most cases not Islamist groups are prosecuted and convicted by this law which was made after 9/11, but leftwing organisations that in some cases have militant groups as well.  The most prominent case in Germany surely is the “PKK”. Although the PKK is only active in  Kurdistan and Turkey they are on the list of “terror” groups in Germany and the European Union. The DHKP-C is on this list as well. Although only active in Turkey, the alleged support and/or ties to this leftwing turkish group were the official reason for the arrests and police raids last Wednesday.

We dont want to discuss the character or goals of the groups on the so-called terror list. Most of these groups are active in other countries, often for a good reason and a good cause. It should be enough to know that the turkish government now also considers the ultras of Besiktas, “Çarşı” to be a terrorist group. This clearly shows that the view of a government under pressure cannot be the base of this kind of lists. Its a complete arbitrary interpretation of what is terrorism and whats not.

In addition the German paragraphs 129 (a and b; a domestic and b foreign) are rubber-like, as the example shows. Both paragraphs are giving the state the opportunity to act as one thinks best, smash structures and infiltrate or enter by force into groups.

Human rights organisations classify paragraph 129 as “disposition justice”. Usually it doesn’t serve the prevention of “terror” attacks, just like the NSA reading your e-mail doesn’t prevent that. Paragraphs like 129 a and b are there to make resistance impossible and to break resistance possibly before it can develope itself. The raids and arrests on Wednesday morning happened at a moment that the government of Nato ally Turkey is standing with its back against the wall because of a highly diversified protest movement. We cannot asses this as a coincedence after days of state terror in Turkey which goal it is to criminalise and devide the movement. We view this action as assistance of German authorities to the authoritarian and violent regime in Turkey.

“We damd the immediate release of those who were arrested und want to express that the behaviour of the authorities, also considering the wave of repression in Turkey, are deeply irritating us. While the APK government in Ankara is continuing the attacks against their own people, German authorities are supporting these attacks by criminalising and prosecuting oppositon members in Germany.

We asses this attack as a direct attack against the solidarity movement with the revolt in Turkey. Even though the German government verbally distance itself from the brutal approach by prime-minister Tayyip Erdogan against protesters in Turkey with thousands of injured people and at least 4 people killed, with actions like these the German government show on which side of the barricade they are really standing.” (from a press release of the “Überall Taksim, überall Widerstand” coalition in Berlin).

This is not an exact translation, but the basis of the article is an article in German at the website of “Soli-Komitee Wuppertal” and can be found here:

Monday July 1, 07:00pm Meeting of the “Taksim is everwhere coalition in Wuppertal. We Anatolische Föderation, Charlottenstr.32, Wuppertal, Germany

Her yer Taksim. Her yer direnis! Second meeting in #Wuppertal in the spaces of the “Anataloschen Föderation” who were raided last Wednesday. We will held the meeting there as a sign of solidarity. We will not give up to fight against fascism. Shoulder to shoulder!

Facebook event:

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