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Nazis rallies are spiraling in Germany; Antifascists defy them, keep exposing their leaders

After the riots in Cologne, the nazis have embarked into making a loud political statement and their marches have increased exponentially, in Germany. Probably they were encouraged by the political signal sent by the christian democrats marching together with the neo-nazis on November 9 in Erfurt too. They cancelled their march in Berlin on November 9, probably not to spoil the Wall celebrations, but antifa still had to battle them in Alexander Plaz.

Their marches are spiralling. On November 17, in Dresden 3,200 nazis marched opposed by 650 antifascists; in Belin 400 nazis were rezisted by 300 antifa and in Buch 250 nazis were opposed by 200 antifa.

In Dresden violence against antifascists was again common.

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Video of nazis marching in Dresden:

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Antifa counter-demo in Dresden:

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In Berlin 300 antifascists defended a refugee center which nazis tried to terrorize:

The Berlin leader of the Neo-Nazi Party “The Right”, Uwe Dreisch, is stopped by a riot police:Far Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelterFar Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelter

The Berlin leader of the Neo-Nazi Party “NPD”, Sebastian Schmditke (middle) among other participants of the Anti-Asylum March.Far Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelter

The Berlin vice leader of the Neo-Nazi Party “The Right”, Patrick Krüger shouts slogans, which were also heard during the Cologne nazi riots.Far Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelter

Video of their march and chants against the refugees:

Hitler is dead. His modern followers supported by German Police create the new probs

Cops kettled the antifascists, however, and attacked them with pepper spray, these pics are via demotix:

Far Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelterFar Right march and antiracist protest over Marzahn refugee shelter

Nazis also resumed their marches in the village of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy, to the horror of the locals who this time played them a prank. Without the nazis knowing each step they took, local companies donated for a fund to help nazis move away. Locals even offered them food, bananas, under a banner which mocked Hitler’s book: Mein Mampf (My food).

But few are laughing at the resurgence of nazis, not only in Germany but in the rest of Europe too. They must have felt particularly encouraged when seeing western governments support nazis to state power positions – police, secret service, rada and even government – in Ukraine. In UK, Ukraine nazis have even been allowed to march to the memory of Wafen SS, but antifa in London organized a counter-demonstration. Antifa in UK are blocking nazis marches weekly and sometimes even daily alreay. After the war, UK welcomed some 8,000 Ukrainians who fought on the side of Hitler, among them even UPA war criminals. UK in particular supported the most fanatical and utterly fascist Ukrainian nationalists before the war, particularly because they were fascists, and after the war, Ukrainian Holocaust collaborators were protected by the British government under the pretext of collaborating against the Soviet Union. Similar with the situation of Ukraine, diaspora was instrumental in bringing to power a fascist in Romania: a candidate of a ghost-like Christian Liberal Alliance, won the presidential election. He is also the president of a group created by Hitler to help colonize the country during the second world war, when Romania was an ally to the nazis. Over the weekend, thousands of Polish nazis and nationalists have attacked the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, in a provocation coming from a NATO member country. In France, and Italy the nazis are constantly opposed too on the streets by mass demonstrations of locals and antifascist militants, every single week. Antifascists in France are mobilizing for a huge counter-demo against the Congress of Le Front National in less than a week. In Greece, police repressed again with sadistic brutality the demonstrations against the colonels’ junta, many antifa students were savagely beaten by riot cops.

Nazis intend to expand their marketing rallies, another one is called for November 22 in Berlin (same day antifascists in France gather against Le Pen’s party). Nazis claim they oppose the islamists of ISIL, but actually profit from their terror as they use it to promote themselves. Actually they seem quite happy with being offered such a pretext to take the streets and promote their fascist ideology for white christian europe and to pledge more violence against refugees and workers who leave their homes under the capitalist and imperialist terror.

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In Germany, however, the nazis intent to get closer to the point of turning their marches into a snowball so large that it cannot be turned back. While antifascists are still beaten by cops – not surprising considering that some expose even on facebook their xenophobic views – , even when they are outnumbered by nazis who attack their own, the street demonstrations remain the only reliable weapon for antifascists. However, the nazis are getting even nastier. One of them tried to infiltrate and spy on antifascist circles in Munich but he was spotted on and unmasked. On November 15 in Wunsiedel he openly changed sides and held a banner of the nazi party The 3rd way.

Some figures show how dramatic the situation really is, in fact. Street marches and rallies by nazis are just the tip of the iceberg. Right wing violence has increased in the past 10 years, there were 632 attacks,  especially refugees fall victims of the nazi attacks.


Antifa are working hard to expose and identify the nazis who participated at the rally in Hannoever, all their pics are posted on this site. Below are just some of them.

In organizing and participating at the Hannover rally, it seems that the nazis in Bremer played some important role, this is a video showing them:

These two, Brück and Drewer, were also in Hannover. Embedded image permalink

This nazi is Matthias Drewer (left blue black jacket) at demo in Embedded image permalink

Sascha Krolzig (center) in Embedded image permalink

The nazis march was oppposed by a serious mobilization of antifascists: 

Cops and nazis attacked jounalists and antifascists. Embedded image permalink

As seen in this video, however, this cop actually sprays his colleague.

Here are some more nazis who rallied in Hannover….Embedded image permalink

…. opposed by antifascsits: Embedded image permalinkImage previewEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

Antifascists visited one of the meeting places of the fascists in Hannover, it was a visit they will remember.Embedded image permalinkView this content on FAZ Top-Themen's website

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