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Daily Stormer Calls for Action Against Jews in Montana


Neo-Nazi rag “The Daily Stormer” has released a call for action against the Jewish community in Montana. What have they suggested this time? A “troll storm.”

They’re doing it all for Dick Spencer’s mother, who they say is the real victim here. Spencer’s mother Sherry is one of his biggest enablers. One of Sherry’s vocal opponents is another real estate agent from the area named Tanya Gersh, who said, ‘She is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization.’

Essentially, the online white supremacist community (cesspool) is claiming that a “vicious evil race” (Jews) have harmed Sherry’s business by forcing her to sell a building she owns “because residents are rebelling against her son.” The reality is of course that Sherry is enabling not only Dick Spencer by letting him use her property, but the rest of the goons at the NPI, and if she truly does not agree with his hateful views as she claims – she will sell the building and cut off all financial and other support for her son.

Of course, the Stormer posted phone numbers, addresses, Twitter handles, and other information about residents it claims are “harassing” Sherry Spencer.

The man responsible for the harassment of Jewish people in Whitefish is Andrew Anglin, according to information obtained by One People’s Project.


Richard (Dick) Spencer is a fascist goon who heads up a suit and tie style organization of white supremacists called the “NPI,” or National Policy Institute. His supporters at the Daily Stormer are of course affiliated with the white nationalist message board “Stormfront,” and they consistently blame Jews for every problem created (ironically enough) by white European capitalism and imperialism.

In the call for action, Nazis targeted activists from groups such as “Love Lives Here” who were founded in response to screenings of pro-Hitler movies by Neo-nazi group “Kalispell Pioneer Little Europe.” PLE groups continue to troll online, and similar groups have popped up such as Identity Evropa, who have used the space created by “identity politics” to promote white identity in an ethnic studies class at Cal State Stanislaus.


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