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Demonstration in Berlin After Nazi Attacks in Neukölln District


Last night about 1300 people marched through Berlin’s Neukölln district. It was a strong antifa demo after several attacks by fascists in Neukölln.

In the call for yesterdays antifa demonstration activists wrote:

On the night between the 11th and 12th of December there were at least three assaults by fascists in Berlin’s Neukolln district: an arson attack against the left-wing café collective k-fetisch; an attack with stones against the Leporello bookstore, which hosted a meeting against the Afd 10 days ago; an attack with stones and spray-paint against the apartment of a left-wing activist.

At least in the case of the arson attack on k-fetisch, the perpetrators were willing to risk endangering human lives as the café is located on the ground floor of a fully occupied residential house.

These attacks are not the first and they will not be the last: the facebook page of the Nazi group „Freie Kräfte Neukölln“ (Free Forces Neukolln) recently published two graphs, one with left-wing locations and another with shelters for refugees, to be treated as potential targets.

Encouraged by the right-wing agitation in Germany and growing nationalism in Europe, unhindered by the authorities and using the experience of 100 arson attacks against refugee shelters in the last two years, the Nazis are on the offensive. This facilitates a social atmosphere in which people who do not fit into a reactionary worldview are increasingly exposed to open attacks.

We will not leave this unanswered – our solidarity should stand against their agitation.

Fascists, fuck off!

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