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Stop Deportations demo in Dresden, Germany


About 1000 people protested against the deportation of refugees by the German government. Today’s demo took place in Dresden, home base of the xenophobic Pegida movement. On December 14th, the German government began to deport Afghan refugees.

On Wednesday, about 34 Afghan refugees were deported back to the war zone in Afghanistan. 400 people protested against the deportations at Frankfurt airport. There were also protests in Munich during Wednesday’s deportations.

Although the German army is unable to secure German facilities in Afghanistan, the government claims that there are enough “safe zones” in Afghanistan people can be deported to. Journalists asked CDU (Merkel’s governing party) members of parliament where these “safe zones” in Afghanistan are, but none of the CDU politicians were willing or able to answer that question.  

Angela Merkel’s government appointed McKinsey to examine how many of the Afghan refugees could be deported back to Afghanistan in 2015. McKinsey released a report last month saying that more detention centers need to be built to detain refugees who are in line to be deported. McKinsey also wrote that about 485,000 refugees might be deported nex year from Germany.

Today’s demonstration in Dresden started with about 400 participants, but during the march the demo kept growing and growing. By the end, about 1000 people had arrived at the main train station – the final destination of today’s demonstration. A few fascists tried to disrupt the demo by yelling racist slogans, but the streets of Dresden did not belong to fascists today. They had to retreat, even cops where sending them away.

Many autonomous groups and other leftwing activists in Germany and other European countries are discussing how to fight more effectively against deportations, and how to step-up the fight against border closures. At the same time, they must present substantial challenges to the far right, which is getting stronger and stronger. 

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