Brutal Attacks on HDP Part of Systematic Ethnic Cleansing in Turkey


It’s well known that attacks on the HDP in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) are part of an overall repression of the Kurdish people. Attacks on their language, tradition, institutions, and way of life have been common place for years, but particularly since Erdogan’s “crack down” or post-coup attempt “purge.” Turkish nationalism is peaking, and Turkish society is suffering as a result.

Yesterday morning a bus with Turkish soldiers was attacked. 15 soldiers were killed and 48 wounded. Soon after this attack, reports came out that HDP politicians were arrested. Although the HDP party has repeatedly condemned and distanced themselves from violence, Turkish nationalists of the fascist Grey Wolves and activists of Erdogan’s AKP started to attack their offices.


The repression has intensified, with human rights violations and systematic ethnic cleansing that makes the results of Turkish state oppression resemble a war zone.

Yesterdays attacks weren’t the first on HDP offices or politicians. It’s been a daily routine in Turkey for months now. Just three days ago on December 15th, HDP headquarters was attacked in Istanbul.

There is a civil war going on in Turkey and liberals must admit that the “pacifist” approach of the HDP is not working against the fascist Erdogan regime. The Turkish army is repeatedly destroying cities in the Kurdish regions during “curfews.”

According to reports, police arrested HDP members yesterday instead of the mobs who attacked them. The repression of the Kurdish people by Erdogan’s regime continues on all fronts.

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