Anti-Antifa Photograhper Taking Pics of Antifa Activists in Duderstadt, Germany


Image by MR

Well-known Neo-nazi Christopher Siedler from Nienburg, Germany took pictures of ani-fascist protesters during yesterdays gathering of the “Bündniss gegen Rechts” in Duderstadt, Germany.

The Neo-nazi, who has multiple previous convictions was carrying a press card and protected by cops as he was taking images of the participants at the anti-fascist gathering. Apart from a camera he was carrying a “Fck AFA” (Read F*ck Antifa) umbrella. 


Image: MR

But how did a previously convicted neo-nazi obtain a press card? The press card was issued by the “Bundesverband Deutscher Pressefotografen” (BDP, translated: The federal federation of German press photographers). Siedler’s press card is also valid for 2017. According to BDP terms, the holder of a BDP press card must prove that they continuously work as a full-time press photographer. It seems like the BDP did not accurately examine Christoph Siedler. Until now the, Neo-nazi has not worked as a full-time press photographer. On the contrary: Siedler is threatening journalists and also attacking them. For instance, during a neo-nazi demonstration of the “Freundeskreis Thüringen/Niedersachsen” on November 26th 2016, when he pushed a journalist and tried to kick him.


Profile of Christopher Siedler at the website of the BDP. Screenshot of

Source: Antifaschistisches Nachrichtenportal Niedersachsen

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