Fascist Provocations in Rostock, Germany


Germany: About 150 people protested on Sunday night in Rostock’s Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt neighbourhood against fascist activities. The demo was an reaction on a provocation by fascists on Sunday afternoon. 

Yesterday afternoon about 20 fascists showed up in front of the left wing housing and café project Café Median and burned a flag of the antifascist action.


Activists used pyrotechnics during last nights antifa demo to draw attention of the residents in the neighbourhood. The demo was a first spontanious reaction against the growing activities of fascists in Rostock.

In an article at german independent media site Linksunten activists wrote that this spontanious demo can’t be the only consequence of the growing fascist activities in Rostock. Everybody should be watchful and organise themselves and others to show the fascists the way out of our neighbourhoods. The activists conclude at Linksunten with: “Antifa in  fighting sport clubs, Antifa in the offensive!”

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Its time to revolt!
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