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Berlin: Skali 64 Evicted


Hundreds of cops evicted Skali 64 in Berlin this morning. About 100 people tried to defend the Apartment, but could not stop the army of cops. After 31 years Tom was forced out of his home.

In the early morning hours cops started to seal off the streets around Tom’s apartment at Skalitzer street in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. According activists about 30 police vans were used to evict Tom, who lived for morew than 30 years in the apartment.

Last year a company called Düsseldorfer & Berliner Grundvermögen GmbH (owned by Udo Hensgen) bought the building and immediately started an eviction procedure against the tenants. Tom was one of them. Hensgen owns dozens of houses in Berlin and it seems like he wants to make profit by evicting people. The rents of Berlin’s housing market are rising and by evicting people with “old” contracts Hensgen can sell or rent the houses for a higher price. 

Cops sealing off Skalitzer street at 04:30 this morning

Many people are forced out of their homes because of the rising prices. They simply can’t afford to live in their apartments anymore. Sometimes people, like Tom, are forced out of their homes where they lived for decades.

On November 24 people managed to defend Tom’s apartment and cops had to give up the eviction. After Berlin state senat elections a new state government was formed with the social democrat SPD, the green party and leftwing party “Die Linke”. Die Linke often supported resistance against evistions in the past but did not stop todays eviction.

Tom lost his home today and “Die Linke” showed that under a state government with participation of the leftwing party “Die Linke” Berlin continues evictions of tenants in the city.

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