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Fascist NPD Distributed CS Spray In Hannover, Germany


The fascist NPD party started a nationwide campaign in Germany. The neo-nazis are distributing CS spray saying that they want to “make Germany safe again.” Between December 12 and December 18 the fascists were distributing CS spray at Kröpcke and the main train station in Hannover, Germany.

The NPD fascists published pictures of the action in Hannover. The pictures show 5 people that participated in the NPD action. That are probably all active NPD activists the NPD has in Hannover at the moment. The NPD is losing support and didn’t even participate in elections for city parliament in Hannover in this years local elections in Lower Saxony. The German state started a disbandment procedure at the high court in Karlsruhe this year. The fascist threat is however far from over in Germany. Fascist AFD is gaining moire and more support and won seats in several German state senats and city parliaments during elections this year.


The NPD announced their week of action “Making Germany more safe again: The NPD distributes CS spray!” in a press release. In the press release from November 25 the fascist party exploits the occurrences of New Years Eve in Cologne. Refugees are discredited as “social tourists” in the announcement and NPD chairman Frank Franz stated that “the rule of law” failed to “protect our own people”. Franz also stated that “Germany has become a paradise for criminal aliens.” The NPD says it wants to support the self-defence of the native German population.

Source: Antifaschistisches Nachrichtenportal Niedersachsen

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