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#B2112 Live Blog Counter Protests Against Fascist Gatherings After #BerlinAttack

December 21: Liveblog of the counterprotests against fascist gatherings after the terror attack in Berlin. Click at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. Start at 06:00pm Berlin time.


06:17pm Fascist gatherings started at 06:00pm. Counter protests also. At the moment not much counter protesters at Merkel’s office. 300 counter protesters at Breitscheidplatz. About 100 nazis at Hardenbergplatz, much more counter proters there.

06:22pm Fascist AFD party found a protestant priest who is speaking at their gathering in Berlin right now. The priester lost his job because of his work for AFD.

06:33pm About 150 fascists at AFD gathering at Merkel’s office now.

06:39pm Cops are threatening with violence against counter protesters at Merkel’s office. Cops very agressive.


                                Image: About 150 nazis are gathering at Hardenbergplatz

06:54pm Bärgida (Pegida Berlin) activists at the fascist AFD gathering in front of Merkel’s office


06:56pm Fascist AFD gathering in front of Merkel’s office has ended now. The other fascist gathering continues.

06:58pm Nazi Kubitschek called people to go to CDU headquarters (Merkels Party) at the end of fascist AFD gathering.


07:09pm Nazis can’t start their march at Hardenbergplatz at the moment. To much counter protesters.

Counter protesters at Breitscheidplatz.


                                                 Counter protesters at Breitscheidplatz.

07:15pm First nazis now in front of CDU headquarters

07:19pm NPD fascist Schmidtke announced that fascist NPD demo can’t march. Too many counter protesters and not enough police. NPD fascists still at gathering but seems like they are noit going to march tonight.

07:24pm NPD sings German national anthem at Hardenbergplatz now.

07:27pm Counter protesters need reinforcement at CDU headquarters. More and more nazis are coming and are looking for trouble.


Image: Nazis in front of CDU headquarters.

07:35pm About 50 nazis of the fascist “Identitäre” movemnet now in front of CDU headquarters. Pegida activist Däbritz is also there.

07:39pm Image: Fascists of “Identitäre” movement now with sit-in protest in front of CDU headquarters


07:41pm Cops are clearing Zoo underground station. Possibly to bring the nazis at Hardenbergplatz out. Too many counter protesters around.

07:48pm Fascists at Hardenbergerplatz are now going to the Zoo underground station.

07:50pm Farewell message for fascists at Hardenbergerplatz. Counter protests continue, protesters chanting “Say it loud! Say it clear! Refugees are welcome here! to fascists.

07:51pm Image: Facists of AFD and “Identitaire” movement now hand in hand in front of CDU headquarters.


07:54pm Third announcement of cops against fascist sit-in in front of CDU headquarters. About 15 fascists sitting, and about 40 standing round.

07:56pm Cops start to shove the fascists who are standing round in front of CDU headquarters. 

08:15pm Fascists at KPMG. Until now no cops there.

08:20pm Cops are clearing fascists of the “Identitäre” movement sit-in in front of CDU headquarters now.

08:21pm Fascists that took the S7 at Zoo underground station in the direction of Ahrensfelde are still inside the train.

08:31pm Fascists chained themselves to CDU headquarters. Cops stopped clearing and are wearing helmets now.

08:38pm Some cops have put off their helmets again, others still wearing them.

08:40pm Cops are sealing off the area around the fascist sit-in by “Identitäre” fascists at CDU headquarters.

Video of counter protests at Breitscheidplatz:


08:55pm Images: Situation at CDU headquarters. Sit-in by fascists of “Identitäre” movement at CDU headquarters continiues




09:00pm Cops start to evict the fascists in front of CDU headquarters.

09:09pm Image: Half of the fascists are already evicted in front of CDU headquarters.


09:21pm Fascist action in front of CDU headquarters by fascists of the “Identitäre” movement completely cleared by cops now

We will end our live coverage now. Because of the strong resistance of many many people (estimated 1000 at counter protests) fascists could not march to Breitscheidplatz in Berlin today. Breitscheidplatz is the square where the terror attack took place 2 days ago.

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