#BerlinAttack Did fascist Pegida leader #Bachmann receive inside information from cops?

A tweet by fascist Pegida leader Lutz Bachmann is raising more and more questions. On Monday night 12 people died and 48 people were injured after a terrorist attack at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Although the cops arrested a man from Pakistan, Bachmann tweeted that the terror act was carried out by a man from Tunesia. The cops did not release the information about a suspect from Tunesia until today. So how could Bachmann tweet this information on Monday?


In his tweet Bachmann wrote on Monday that he received “internal” information that the Berlin police command staff knows the suspect of the terror attack on Monday night is a “Tunesian muslim”.


Bachmann sended his tweet just 2 hours after the terror attack took place. According to the Berlin police, they found the ID of the Tunesian suspect much later. According to the cops they found the ID of the man from Tunesia in the cabin of the truck which was used during the attack. After the cops released the Pakistani suspect (Who’s name was going through all German mainstream media, some publishing that he was the attacker, not just a suspect) after it was clear the man was innocent, the police came with the new suspect, a 21 year old man from Tunesia.

Today Bachmann tweeted: “So my information from 1 hour after the attack was correct afterall.” Mainstream media portal “Spiegel Online” also reported about Bachmann’s tweets and asked did Bachmann got inside information from police authorities?


German secret service, the “Verfassungschutz” has a long history of collaboration with German fascists. The collaboration between state security and the fascist NSU terror group is not long ago and a few days ago German media reported that at least 2 cops gave inside information to a fascist terror group in Freital, Germany. The Freital group carried out arson attacks against refugee shelters.

In the early Pegida days, cops from Dresden were always giving out very high numbers after fascist Pegida demonstrations. Although thousands participated at Pegida demos in the first 2 years, the numbers released were definitely much higher as the actual numbers were. Pegida leaders were also invited to talk with German politicians and invited in prime time talkshows in German tv.

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