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#DisruptJ20 Disrupting the Inauguration: A #J20 Update

The DC Welcoming Committee is helping to build capacity and infrastructure for a massive convergence that will challenge the legitimacy of both the inauguration of billionaire Donald Trump and his reactionary right-wing cabinet of the super rich, and the wider system of industrial capitalism, repressive government, and white supremacy which gave birth to him. Already, people are planning a series of massive direct actions, blockades, and marches throughout the city. And hey, because we like fun, we’re even going to throw some parties.


We’ll have more information soon on how you can plug into the mobilization, but if you’re coming to town and looking for one place to go: Come to McPherson Square on Friday, January 20th, starting at 9 AM. We’ll be gathering there to launch actions and regroup throughout the day.

MLK Weekend Trainings

From January 14-16, we’ll be organizing a series of trainings and workshops to get people ready for the upcoming actions, and to deepen our analysis and understanding of what is truly at stake under a Trump administration, how we can resist, and what we’re building towards.

There will be in-depth Nonviolent Direct Action trainings, Self-Defense, Street Safety, and De-escalation trainings, Know Your Rights trainings, and many more. If you’d like to propose a workshop or training on either action or organizing skills, theory, or history, click here to fill out a quick submission form.

Permitted Actions

We also want to create space for everyone who wants to protest to be able to participate safely. To this end, we’re organizing two main permitted spaces on Inauguration Day, January 20th.

McPherson Square will be our central convergence location for the entire day. We’re working on securing a large heated event tent, and will have some key infrastructure there including legal support, a medic station, and hot food. We’ll also have space for local organizations to table, and speakers and music throughout the day.

We are also organizing a permitted “Festival of Resistance” march beginning at 12pm at Columbus Circle (in front of Union Station), and marching to McPherson Square. This march will be fully permitted, and we’re hoping to have marching bands, drummers, puppets, and vibrant displays of art and culture to show the diversity and power of resistance to Trump’s agenda.

If you’d like to be involved with organizing the permitted activities and are not already connected, please email contact AT disruptj20 DOT org with the subject “permitted actions” to get involved.

Direct Actions

Currently, people are coordinating a series of decentralized direct actions to physically and symbolically shut down the inauguration security checkpoints, as well as an unpermitted anti-capitalist march with details to be announced soon.

Each checkpoint is being adopted by a different group or issue area, and will have different tactics, tones, and messaging depending on what those organizers feel is most strategic for their group.

If you are interested in organizing a checkpoint action or plugging into one already being organized, please email us.


We are putting together all of the infrastructure needed to support mass protests, including a convergence space for the week, mass housing, a legal collective, a medic collective, food, and security.

If you want to plug into any of the following teams, please fill out the form.

Medics – We’re looking for trained street medics, EMTs, medical professionals, healers, body workers, herbalists, and anyone else to support the health and well-being of everyone participating in protests against the inauguration.

Legal – We’re looking for law students, lawyers, trained legal observers, or anyone interested in helping staff the legal hotline or jail support.

Food – Seeds of Peace and Food Not Bombs are both involved in organizing food for the week. We need donations of both bulk foods, produce, and prepared foods, as well as volunteers.

Housing – We have mass housing secured at one church for the week of the inauguration, and are currently looking for more mass housing locations. If you have access to a church, school, community center, or any other large heated space where people could sleep, please let us know!

Convergence Space – the convergence space will be open throughout the week leading up to the inauguration. We’ll have additional trainings there as well as spokescouncil and other meetings to prepare for the actions and coordinate. We’ll have communal meals, space to make art, and more.The space is also available for convenings, workshops, and other meetings. We are still working on finalizing where the convergence space will be. If you have access to large space that might be available for the convergence space, please contact us.

Have other ideas? Wanna organize other events, parties, or actions? Get in touch!

Source: Its Going Down

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are merely listing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

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