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#Hambacher: #ABC Rhineland With More Details About Release Of Hodei, Siao & Maya

After they were imprisoned for 3 weeks, Hodei, Siao and Maya were released out of prison yesterday. ABC Rhineland now published a few more details about the release of the 3  Hambacher activists.


Yesterday we published a letter from prison, written by Siao and already reported that the 3 Hambacher activists were released. German police had arrested them 3 weeks ago. In a report ABC Rineland wrote that Hodei and Siao were accused of causing an explosion with explosive devices and possible severe bodily injury. They were imprisoned at the JVA Ossendorf prison in Cologne, Germany.


Yesterday the state prosecuter withdrew the arrest warrant against both activists. It seems like the state prosecution no longer consider them to be the suspects they are looking for and has no evidence against both anarchists. Hodei and Siao were released immediately and received by lovely people who were waiting for them in front of the prison.


A few hours later Maya had a review of her remand in custody in a court in Düren, Germany. Maya refused again to give any information about her identy but  made a comment about her age. After May’s comment the court classified her as a minor and withdrew her arrast warrant. Maya now has to report herself to a police station once a week until her trial starts. After yesterdays court hearing Maya was also released from prison.

Until all are freeno one is free!

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