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#Antifa #Xmas: Wave of Fascist Attacks in #Germany Continues

The wave of fascist attacks in Germany continues. In Berlin’s Neukoelln district, there was another fascist attack last night. In the last few days there have also been fascist attacks in several other German cities.


Image: The damage after an fascist attack against leftwing and alternative Café Median in Rostock, Germany on December 22, just 4 days after the first attack against the Cafe.

On Christmas eve a group of 6 people tried to torch a homeless man at the underground station Schöneleinstrasse in Berlin. The man survived, and had no injuries because bystanders immediately reacted by extinguishing the fire. The very few belongings the man possesed went up in smoke. After the attack on a private apartment in Berlin’s Neukoelln district on December 23rd, and the 3 attacks between December 11th and 12th – the wave of attacks continues.

Update: According to German media 6 refugees were arrested for the attack against the homeless man in Berlin on December 24.

On December 21 there was a fascist attack against a refugee shelter in Bochum. At 07:45pm, neighbours heard a loud bang, and at 08:25pm another. After the second bang they saw fire and called the fire department. Cops came to the scene and saw a window was smashed, and a fire in the hall had already been extinguished. Cops stated that a gas pipe was sabotaged – fortunately the refugee shelter was empty at the time.

In Rostock, the alternative housing project Alternativen Wohnen in Rostock” (AWIRO) was attacked for the second time in just 4 days. On December 18th a group of 20 masked men burned an antifa flag in front of Café Median. Café Median is based in a AWIRO building. Antifa groups reacted with a spontaneous demo a few hours later. On December 22nd at 03:00 am, a group of about 10 masked men tried break into Café Median. They hammered on the glass of the front door (Image above) but didn’t get in and fled in several directions.

On December 24th there was an arson attack against a refugee shelter in Haldersleben. According to cops a witness saw a group of 4 men dressed in black throwing a molotov cocktail in the refugee shelter. No one was injured and there was only minor damage.

This little overview is far from complete, and after more than 1000 fascist attacks in 2015, it seems that the number of fascist attacks in Germany is increasing consistently.

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