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#Brazil: On the protests against PEC 241/55 in Porto Alegre (25.11 & 13.12, 2016)

Originally published by Insurrection News

They want us awake at the first hour of the day to work every day and if possible for our who life until the last years of our strength…For what? We already understand and we will not accept it.

The destruction of the earth and all that is living and turning them into money is the law. The laws that together form the constitution, which is the bible of state, of democracy, are a set of treaties and impositions of politicians, propertarians, the rich, capitalists and false critics. Everything that comes from it is harmful to freedom. The parliament is a lair and from it will always emerge a will to be a canga (translation note: canga is a multi-use piece of fabric also known as a sarong that is often used in Brazil instead of a towel) under the human collectivity that lives in the territory controlled by the Brazilian state. In the permanent firefight that the government maintains against the population the new Constitutional Amendment Project PEC 241/55 is a mortar. It is the most raw expression of power: we command, you obey, work! And still more to come, the new government remains an enemy like all its predecessors, is updated in its predatory attack against populations and land, against everything.

When we arrived the war was already declared, we simply rejected obedience and placid citizen behavior. We are not guided by television propaganda, by churches, parties or companies…we are not interested in the good image of this sick and suicidal society.

Good image? The rivers contaminated with toxic mud and urban / industrial waste, their banks and ravines transformed into cement, mines excavated then transformed into landfills, the lands of the original peoples systematically plundered, dismantled, agribusiness, massive poisoning with pesticides, hydroelectric, industrial cemetries, lives transformed into mass graves for ‘sustainable development’.

There is no way to sustain this way of life, we will not sustain it. You say that we exaggerated with violence in the streets during the demonstrations, but we ask: us? Armed with desire, stones, fireworks, Molotovs and all that the streets give us and what we are capable of? Or the laws that guarantee all this disaster, their band of armed assassins, their excavators, their armored vehicles, their news media, their planes of pulverization and their judges?

We value the moment of rupture with the established order that is experienced during certain manifestations such as what happened during the manifestations against the PEC 241/55 on 25/11 and 13/12 in the city of Porto Alegre. These are moments in which authority is being questioned and we can take revenge against it a little more openly, destroying the materiality that represents and operates this system, vandalizing and attacking the police. Encouraging with this practicse an informal culture of fighting in the streets against the system of domination and its repressive forces. It is a moment different to the day to day in that, theoretically, the ammunition of the police is harmless.

The multiple desires of dispersed groups of vandals, joining in the streets, accomplices in the destruction of this plastic world during the demonstration since 2013, managing to break the monotony of the meek and civil demonstrations that are obedient and within the established order that cooperate with the discourse and the strengthening of democracy. The vandals managed to break from the passivity of the demonstrations in the center of Porto Alegre and have maintained this spirit.

At the same time that it breaks from the passivity, it shatters the normality and the flow of commerce, it shatters the continuity of this disaster. It is symbolic but has strength. In the news, they weep for the damage and broken sevices…Damn vandals!

Yes, there are also internal police in the demonstrations, led by the Los Contenedores de Basura. Many call themselves pacifists but they are capable of assaulting a masked vandal who refuses to be a sheep in the flock and even point them out to the police. We read carefully the accounts of the demonstration against the PEC 241/55 on December 13 in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará (1). There the red police of the Homeless Worker’s Movement (MTST) beat up encapuchadxs (hooded ones) of the ‘autonomous block’ for painting graffiti on the street, walking in the direction they wanted and disobeying the sound car and its loudspeakers. Whoever wants power and does not envisage destroying it will always find a pretext to defend it. It is worth remembering the emblematic scene of the protests in Greece against the government’s austerity packages (a PEC) in which the red demonstrators formed a bloc in defense of the Greek parliament against the hooded vandals. They were violently pushed back. Behind the red police came a second group violently defending power, this time it was the official government enforcement side. We will not forgive or forget. When they touch one of they touch all of us whether it is in Porto Alegre, Fortaleza or Santiago.

Guilherme Irish (2) is alive in the streets of Porto Alegre, continuing the struggle, he does not rest in peace. He was present at the protests of November 25 and December 13, hooded in the black bloc, paintng graffiti, handing out leaflets, stoning banks, setting fires at the barricades and our actions. Guilherme Irish lives! Together with Nicolás David Neira (3), Alexis Grigoropoulos (4), Punky Mauri (5) and Pelao Angry (6). They live in our anarchic dance of war against all authority.

We question the role played by the photographers in the demonstrations. We are there, motivated by our desires, they are there for work. And they work for whom? Who do they sell their images to? To feed the journalistic punitive spectacle? Oh, sure! Your images serve as a tool for repressive apparatuses! Think… (7)

During these clashes many people fell into the clutches of the police. The were attacked, humiliated and recorded. We maintain that solidarity with those who suffer repression is the only possible answer!

A wink to all the indomitable: See you on the streets!
With Love and Hate: Masked Vandals
Against all domination! For total liberation!
Long live anarchy!

(1): (

(2): Guilherme Irish, a young anarchist shot dead by his father in Goiania, on November 15, 2016, for being an ungovernable.

(3): Nicolás David Neira, a young anarchist murdered by ESMAD police during the May 1, 2005 demonstrations in downtown Bogotá, Colombia.

(4): Alexis Grigoropoulos, a young anarchist assassinated by the Greek police in the barrio of Exarcheia, on December 6, 2008. From this assassination triggered a wave of riots that marked Greece. Year after year, the rebel memorial returns to the streets in December.

(5): Punky Mauri, nickname of Mauricio Morales, an anarchist who died on May 22, 2009, due to the premature explosion of a bomb he was carrying in the vicinity of the prison guard’s school in Santiago, Chile.

(6): Pelao Angry, nickname of Sebastian Oversluij Seguel, an anarchist assassinated by a security guard on the morning of December 11, 2013 during an attempt to expropriate a bank in Pudahuel, Santiago, Chile.

(7): Anonymous communiqué of 2014 with an opportune reflection on the reporters:

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