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#NoBorders #RefugeesGR #LibertadMigelyBego Solidarity Statement After Arrests



Join the demonstration at Friday December 30th there will be a demonstration at 11:30am at Venizelou statue (Aristotelous square, Egnatia) in Thessaloniki, Greece. 
Thessaloniki Statement in solidarity to the 4 arrestees in Igoumenitsa, Greece

Originally published by Migrants Social Center Tsamadou 13a

We are all refugees. We are all Basque solidarians. We are all traffickers of solidarity.
The signatories of this letter express our unbridled solidarity and demand the immediate release of the two Basque activists and the 2 refugees who questioned in practice the racist border regime of the EU, who were arrested at the port of Igoumenits, and who are today threatened with heavy charges for “illegal trafficking of migrants” and with lengthy detention and deportation, respectively.
We would like to declare that this act of civil disobedience by Mikel and Bego, to transport refugees from Greece to Basque Country is an act that must not only not be persecuted, but which sets the example for humanity, solidarity and justice, in a Europe which more and more resembles the darkest times in its history, a Europe which builds fences and which marshals armed forces against refugees fleeing war, oppression, and poverty.
The arrestees Mikel Zuloaga, Begoña Huarte, Reza Ali και Ahmet Awais have earned our full respect and support. We will not accept the criminalization of solidarity, on the pretense of a crackdown on “trafficking”, which is met with heavy prison sentences. With them, we will fight against the barbarism of Fortress Europe, against the segregation of people by nationality, religion, gender, for freedom of movement and for the right to remain.
Antiracist Initiative (Thessaloniki) 
Antiracist Initiative (Larissa) 

Antiracist Initiative (Preveza) 

Athens- Piraeus Antifascist coordination of committees- initiatives and collectives

Athens Migrant Social Support Network 

“Ektos Taxis” (Teaching and learning group at the Thessaloniki Migrants Social Centre – Steki Metanaston) 

Movement to Deport Racism

Thessaloniki Social Clinic (KIA)

Migrants’ Sunday School 

Open initiative for a self organized Thessaloniki Pride

“Piso Thrania”- an initiative for education without discrimination 

Thessaloniki Union of Booksellers’ and Stationers’ Employees 

ROSSONERO- Social Center Trikala 

Room 39 (Thessaloniki Support group for Migrants and the Homeless)

Solidarity Lesvos – PikPa

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  1. […] As a part of the Enough is Enough team supported refugees in Greece and Serbia earlier this month, we already noticed that many of the activists who are supporting refugees on the so-called Balkan route were, apart from other countries, coming from Catalunya, Basque country and other parts of Spain. Some Basque and Catalonian activists even challenged EU border closures by acts of civil disobedience and were arrested in Greece. […]

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