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#Anarchy In #Portland: January #DisruptJ20 #J20

Portland has seen an explosion of anarchist and anarchist related events as of recent. In a city where the anarchist scene has been fractured and split after a wave of harsh repression almost 5 years ago, a resurgence in the wake of trump’s election was unexpected. The media since the “Thursday Riot,” as people have called it, has hounded anarchist. Continuing the narrative put into place by local police departments everywhere, anarchist have been branded as mere criminals and fanatics, entrenching themselves within the good and decent peaceful protesters. A narrative we have seen countless times after eruptions of tension have resulted in liberatory street actions. Oddly enough, the opposite effect has happened however. Interest in anarchism in Portland has surged.

Originally published by Anarchist News

1. Portland Anarchist General Assembly

The first event which is taking place on January 14th is the Anarchist General Assembly. A continuence of a tradition long past, the anarchist general assembly aims to bring anarchist in this town back together to meet, talk, and continue ever more waving the black flag with pride. The event has been sponsored as an event “for anarchist, by anarchist.” At this first assembly they will be talking about January 20th and what kind of presence anarchist should have, as well as the future of the general assembly and how to proceed. The event advertises that anyone is welcome, but those who preach authoritarian or capitalist ideologies and groups will be asked to leave and are asked to respect the space as an ANARCHIST general assembly.

January 14th

6pm- 9pm

Social Justice Action Center (400 SE 12th Avenue, Portland Oregon, 97214

2. Anarchist Contingent At Rise Up And Resist Fascism Rally And March

A call has been put forward for anarchist to gather and form a contingent/black bloc at the major march taking place on January 20th. The event calls for anarchist all over town to show up and make a presence with flags banners and angry faces.

January 20th, Friday


Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW 6th And yamhill

3. Anarchist Reading Group: Listen, Marxist!

Recently a new reading group has started, in a partnership between Portland Anarchist Black Cross and Anarres Infoshop And Community Center. This is the second event for this reading group, the last one attracted 30-40 people who all discussed the zine Revolutionary Solidarity: A Critical Reader For Accompolices. Discussion went fantastic for a reading group composed of individuals all over the spectrum of the left (and beyond). This second event will be discussing the essay “Listen marxist!” by Murry Bookchin.

January 25th, Wednesday


Anarres Infoshop (7101 N Lombard St. Portland Oregon, 97203

4. Portland Assembly

Lastly for the month we wrap things up with the Portland Assembly. In December, the assembly brought well over 300 people and over 20 different organizations who all participated in “incubation stations” that set the groundwork for community horizontal spokes councils. These ranged from Anti-racism to environmental impact, and every issue inbetween. This specific Portland Assembly meeting aims to bring in even more people and organizations, as well as having the very first spokes council meeting. The Portland assembly aims to bring together everyone resisting the establishment, to work together through the means of Libertarian municipalism. Portland Assembly is taking the political foundations forming within Rojava and attempting to apply them to a much more urban setting. While not explicitly anarchist, it is pretty much an anarchist event as it was a majority anarchist that made such happen. The Anarchist general assembly will also be an official spokes within the council, so they are encouraging all anarchist to come out and be apart of such.

If January is any indication, 2017 might just be the year for anarchy. With such a wide power vacuum open, anarchist must stop anyone from filling it and letting individuals choose their own liberation, and encouraging such. The liberals have failed, the progressives have failed. All that is left to win is either the fascist creep, or the black flag of anarchy. There have been prominent times in america before, so lets not dissapoint those who came before us!

For anarchy!

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are merely listing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

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