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#NoBorders #RefugeesGR Mikel and Bego Released

A Greek court ordered the conditional release of two refugees welcome activists on Friday. As we reported they were arrested in the Greek port of Igoumenitsa at December 28. According to Greek police they were arrested when they allegedly helped 8 refugees to cross the border.

Mikel Zuloaga,61, and Begona Huarte, 59, were released on bail of 2000 Euros each pending a trial whose date not been set.

In many Greek and Spanish cities people protested for the release of both activists of the Basque group Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak (Refugees Welcome) yesterday. More than 13.000 people signed a petition, demanding the release of Mikel and Bego.

According to Greek police Mikel and Bego had been driving a camper van where border police found eight hidden youths from Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. 

Both activists did not take any money of the refugees. In a video Mikel and Bego said they wanted to make a political statement of civil disobedience to the barbaric policies of European governments who have raised borders of death to refugees. So far more than 5000 refugees drowned at EU borders in 2016.

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