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Interview with an Anti-Fascist activist fighting in Syria


In late 2015 an activist with the Anti-Fascist Network went to Rojava (the liberated Kurdish area in northern Syria) to join the Kurdish fight for self-determination and against ISIS. They returned in summer 2016.

You are an animal rights and anti-fascist activist. Why did you go to Rojava to help the Kurds?

There are many reasons that I went to Rojava to help the Kurds. There was a curiosity about war and conflict that took me to Rojava. I wanted to see what it was like myself and have that experience. I wanted, in many ways, to escape the stagnant and repetitive existence that we are forced to endure here.

I also went because I liked what the Kurds were doing in Rojava and I believe in the concept of solidarity. This is their moment in history, they invite internationals to go and help them and I felt in some ways it was my duty to honour my belief system and join them. This is the nature of solidarity. If you sincerely believe that a better world is possible then you have to take risks and be prepared to make sacrifices. After four years of academia I liked the idea of once again, ‘getting my hands dirty.’ Too many people on the left are content to prioritise writing articles or doing a PhD in critical thinking or environmental studies or something and kid themselves that they’re still struggling as part of some sort of radical counter-culture or movement.

I began following the struggle of the Kurds in northern Syria through social media. Whilst I say I didn’t and still don’t fully understand their whole cause, I liked the general things they aspire to: women’s liberation, multiculturalism, secularism, local democracy. Their defence of the revolution is one of the few justifiable wars of the last few decades. In the midst of what is truly a brutal and bloody war the Kurds are a shining light of civility and decency.

An Image of imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Such images are widespread across Rojava.

Then I got to learn about the foreign volunteers who were going there, mostly from Western countries. At first I assumed these were all ex-military types, people with a great deal of experience in such matters. But I came across the story of a young British lad, a painter and decorator, with no military experience who was out there. And he wasn’t some extraordinary, super athletic archetypal ‘war hero’ but an ordinary bloke. And I thought that, “if he can do it, I can have a crack.” Of course, I thought about this deeply and for a long time. I contemplated all the possibilities – from the polar extremes of getting killed to me ‘going native.’ The martyrdom of the first (of two) British volunteers to die over there, Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, had a big impact on me. He is without a doubt a hero in my eyes, and whilst his death was tragic and sad, his bravery and sacrifice should never be forgotten. As strange as it sounds, his death made me want to go even more.

Konstandinos Erik Scurfield

One particularly memory around this time, is that, as I said, I was following the Kurds intently, and I wanted to show my support. I started looking online for t-shirts I could buy and wear to show my support, and then I caught myself thinking “this isn’t a brand, this isn’t a game. If I want to support them I must do something to help.” Really the only way I could do that was to go there. Another feeling I had was that I knew that if I didn’t go I would regret the decision for the rest of my life. I knew I would be an old man who, when the Syrian civil war was being discussed, would say with regret, “I was thinking of going there.” For me going to Rojava was part of turning aspirations into reality, a way of saying “you can and should do this” – in the same way you shouldn’t wear a ‘Support the ALF’ or ‘Good Night, White Pride’ t-shirt but go out there and liberate animals or confront fascists.

How did you get there?

I flew to the Kurdistan Regional Government area of Federal Iraq and crossed the border illegally into Rojava. Whilst elements of the Iraqi-Kurdistan society are supportive of the revolution, the dominant political faction there, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) led by the Barzani family dynasty, is hostile. They are more ‘Western’ in outlook, have good relations with Turkey and have their own competitive ‘greater Kurdistan’ project. Not only do they not allow international volunteers into Rojava, but they routinely close the border, enforce an embargo on much needed supplies and refuse entry to journalists. Those crossing the border illegally can face arrest and imprisonment if they are captured by PDK-Pêşmerge forces. This has happened to a number of international volunteers.

However, there are many routes to cross the border illegally, both on foot and by vehicle. The journey can sometimes take up to ten hours.

Syria in December 2016. Yellow is Rojava, Red the Syrian Government, Green the Syrian Opposition, Grey: ISIS, White the Al-Nusra Front. Map by Ermanarich from Wikipedia

Describe a day in the life of an international volunteer in the Kurdish military?

Well, in the night you have to do nobet – which is guard shift, whether you are on front-line or on rest. You never get a night off. Depending on your position it can last from a lot of hours, to one hour, either on your own or with a heval (a term somewhere between ‘friend’ and ‘comrade’ – a heval is someone involved with the Kurdish movement). The longest I did was four hours, but this was an exception and then it never got longer than two hours. So, every night, at a random hour you would be woken up to stand out in the cold darkness. You would also do nobet during the day as well, under the same structure.

So, you wake up at six o’clock in the morning, unless you are in certain positions likely to attack, in which case you get up around three o’clock, which corresponds with first prayer.

Tabor sleeping quarters

Apart from that, there’s very little to do. You spend all day, everyday with your hevals. Sometimes you are together in a full tabor (The Kurdish name for a unit of revolutionaries – up to around forty people), at others it has been broken down into teams, of maybe ten to a dozen hevals. You smoke a lot, everyone smokes. In our tabor I think we had one guy who didn’t smoke, and maybe two or three women. By English standards the cigarettes are kinda weak – I would usually smoke four in the first hour of the day, and would smoke between twenty and thirty a day. This is not uncommon, and it’s not the stress of the situation as life isn’t stressful – it’s the boredom of things. What makes the Kurds different from Western militaries is that they are reactive, not proactive. Unless there is an actual attack going on – you’re kinda hanging around, not waiting for something to happen per-se, but just spending your day – and then when something happens you respond to it. I think this is something that drives some ex-military people up the wall as they have a motto of ‘eternal vigilance’ or ‘be prepared.’

A heval mucks around during a weapon maintenance session. The Kurds love having their picture taken, and the taking of pictures is commonplace as it is implicitly linked with martyrdom.

Fire plays a big part in life. Whilst I went in the winter (which might explain it to some degree), the Kurds are obsessed with fire. The first thing they will do when they arrive anywhere is to make a fire, and they will chuck anything on it. None of this bush-craft wood shavings and flint business you see in the SAS survival guide, the Kurdish way is to either chuck a nice jug of petrol on to get it going or burn plastic. And they will have a fire going all day, only extinguishing it when circumstances such as it being a source for enemy thermal imaging equipment or target for enemy thermal weapon systems arise. Even then they are sometimes reluctant to put it out. On the fire they will always be boiling kettles of hot water to make tea. They call it chai and it’s drunk black, strong and with at least three heaped tablespoons of sugar. They love chai and drink a million cups a day. Fags, fire and chai – these are the most important things for the Kurds.

Dinner on the fire. Also the most common way to wash in Rojava.

Not only does fire play a big part in the social life, as people interact around it, but it’s used to both cook the food on, and to boil water for washing. When you are on operations or front-line position you are without electricity so the fire is the source of power. You eat collectively, sharing from the same massive plates or bowls and this is done squatting on the floor. Nan, which is round, flat, coarse bread that has an ability to go stale yet never mouldy, is eaten with everything. It is often used a substitute for a spoon to dig up the rice or beans or whatever you are eating.

Alongside fire and tea, the Kurds love music. Portable speaker units that play music from memory sticks are popular. There is always music blasting, and it is normally Kurdish. Even when you are on an operation and there’s fighting going on, there will be some loon who thinks nothing of strolling around blasting music. In the evenings, when you sit round the fire, it is common to take turns and sing songs.

The Kurds don’t really train – either in physical fitness or manoeuvres, and they don’t take much care of their kit. That’s another thing that drives a lot of the ex-military volunteers up the wall.

You travel around in convoy on the ubiquitous Toyota Hilux; five in the cab and up to ten or so on the back. Often it is a squashed, bumpy and dangerous ride and I was constantly worried about falling off, meanwhile the Kurds perch on the side of the vehicle with effortless grace.

The Kurds love volleyball, play a chess/draughts type game on an improvised board with opposing dark and light stones which can move forwards and backwards and side to side. They also play an awesome sports game called Parastina.

YPG/YPJ armour being serviced pre-operation.

Tell me about the other international volunteers? Why do people risk their lives to support the YPG or the Kurdish struggle?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, save for the International Freedom Battalion, which is really a Turkish communist project, and one unit of fifteen or so internationals, there is no ‘international brigade’ of fighters. International volunteers are integrated into Kurdish units, sometimes there’s one or two of them, in others, it can nearly break into double figures. Because there is such a wide mix of personalities in Rojava, the international volunteers are not a unified body and there is, at times, hostility, contempt and mistrust between each other.

On the ground the international volunteers are known by both themselves and the Kurds as ‘Westerners.’ Though I would use this term at times, and not deliberately, I always had a problem with it and tried to use the terms ‘internationals.’ Also, in both my mind and in the structures and reality of life out there, volunteers from Turkey who are largely in their own units (I think), are not considered ‘Westerners’ or ‘internationals.’

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons people go to Rojava: support of the political aims of the Kurdish revolution or to fight Isis. This is not to say that these are mutually exclusive reasons. There is also a small minority of volunteers; they are professional soldiers and they spend their lives drifting from war to war.

The international volunteers are an eclectic bunch and difficult to pigeonhole. Politically speaking they come from all shades of the far left including Trotskyists, Stalinists, IWW types and anarchist insurrectionists, non-aligned, ‘non-political’ working class left-wingers, right through to centre-right, conservative or religiously motivated Christians. The only political persuasions I didn’t meet out there were far-right, EDL Islamophobic bigot types. Out of the nationalities I met American, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Basque, Romanian, Irish, Swedish, German, French, Czech, Polish, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and Norwegian. The volunteers are predominately men. I think female volunteers could be counted on fingers, maybe even a solitary hand.

Central Kobane

As I said, it’s hard to pigeonhole the volunteers. I met ex-soldiers who were revolutionary in outlook and kind in disposition and self-defined anarchists who were authoritarian in approach and contemptuous in their social relations. I liked spending time with people who weren’t the sort of people, in background or politics, that I would knock around with at home – realising that it’s not so much beliefs that make a person but the values they have. If someone was decent, polite, respectful and showed respect to their hosts, the Kurds, then this made them a good person in my book.

A good friend of mine was an ex-military man in his 50s from France. He was youthful and was always respectful – would follow their customs, would clean up etc. and would say “I am a guest in this country. This is their country, we must respect their values and customs.” For a short while he had worked as a security guard in Brighton, evicting squatters in particular, and I would joke with him that I probably knew some of them. But his politics were certainly right of centre. He found Islam, and the growth of the religion, and its customs such as praying outside mosques, a threat to the way of life he had grown up with and knew. He was fearful that Islam would dominate French society. Obviously, I had a very different perspective on things and we would talk for hours about such subjects. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Paris, these discussions got heated – “you see” he would say “how can you not say this is true?” But there was a respect between us and we enjoyed each other’s company.

Some, and especially the ones that are there to do the non-existent civilian work – try to make this distinction; “are you political or just here to kill Daiş (the Kurdish name for the Islamic State)?” they say with condescension implied on the latter, never appreciating the bravery that fighters have by their nature, the fact they might have a different value system or not the privilege of the academic education that turns you into such a toss-pot.

Why do people go? On the one hand there is a strong element of self-gratification – many are trying to become ‘war heroes’ and make a name for themselves. There are quite a few ‘loud’ personalities; know-it-all narcissists who are out there for self-glory. They talk a lot of bullshit and are usually the first to pop up in media coverage about international volunteers. I’ve lost count of the number of people who were planning to write books or blogs, and to be honest, there’s only a handful of people’s books I would read if they did appear.

But, for everyone like this there are many more people of deep integrity. Some take the risk because they believe in what they are doing – either fighting the Islamic State, or even more standing with the Kurds and Kurdish self-expression, rather than the Kurdish political ideology per-se.

If I am to think about the English volunteers over there in particular, I am very proud of them. They are largely working class and politically non-aligned. They are builders, painters and decorators, supply teachers, factory workers and ex-squaddies. Their politics range from left-wingers that speak out against Islamophobia to people you probably wouldn’t see eye to eye with if the subjects of immigration or clerics were raised. But I am proud of them because it is the working class that is fighting the fascism of the Islamic State, and not either your academic, text-book reading doctrinal arm-chair anarchists nor your racist, bigoted knuckle dragging ‘Keep Britain White’ crew.

A frontline defensive position near Abdulaziz

Are there any connections between the anti-fascist struggle here and the revolution in Rojava?

At the end of the day, in my mind, there are more similarities between the politics of the Islamic State and the British far-right than differences. They both believe in many of the same things, such as subservient gender roles, capital punishment, an intolerance to homosexuality, that some cultures are superior to others, societal purity and that all must live under the one dominant value system. And as much as the far-right are too stupid to realise it, they play right in to the hands of the fascist Islamists. When such people carry out terrorist attacks in Europe there is not a clear political demand such as self-determination or withdrawal of troops or interests. What they are aiming to achieve is terror in the literal sense; to create chaos and confusion against and within the Islamic communities of these countries and create a general backlash and anti-Islamic feeling in all non-Muslims. In such a way, society becomes more and more polarised as both groups grow further apart, distrust each other more and more and become more hostile towards each over. But this doesn’t matter to the far right, because as you’ve seen; when the shit hits the fan and the theocratic fascists pose a serious threat to peace and freedom, they aren’t prepared to stand their ground and fight it. This is why it is so important that we must come together with people of all races and religions, and with members of the Islamic community in particular, because, whilst it’s a cliché to say it, it’s also true: unity is strength and by finding some common ground of working together we can defeat not just the fascism of fundamentalist Islam, but also the fascism that waves the St George’s Cross and the Union Jack.

Flags fly in Central Kobane. They compete with an equally large Turkish flag that flies across the border north of the city.

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#LibertadMikelyBego Demonstration  for Arrested #NoBorders Activists in #Thessaloniki

Two days ago 2 Spanish activists were arrested at the port of Igoumenitsa in Greece. In an act of civil disobedience they tried to assist 8 refugees who wanted cross the border. On Friday December 30th there will be a demonstration at 11:30am at Venizelou statue (Aristotelous square, Egnatia) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The two arrested activists decided to support refugees who wanted to leave Greece in order to escape the appalling conditions in Greek refugee camps where there is lack of about everything.

Mikel and Bego didn’t ask any money from the refugees.The two activists wanted to act against the inhuman EU border regime and for the freedom of movement for everybody. 

Join the demonstration at Friday December 30th there will be a demonstration at 11:30am at Venizelou statue (Aristotelous square, Egnatia) in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Freedom For Mikel and Bego!

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#DisruptJ20 #J20 Olympia Washington #DC

Do you hate fascism?

We want to invite one and all to come collectively express your grief, love,
and rage with lots of other beautiful people in the streets of Olympia to say



Facebook event page:

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are merely listing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

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#DisruptJ20 #Oakland: No More Presidents – January 7 & 8

Street Tactics, Political Education, Anti-Repression

Originally published by No More Presidents

A weekend convergence of skillshares and discussions for the inaguration and beyond.

Saturday 1/7, 10am-5pm
Sunday 1/8, 10am-4pm

Omni Commons,
4799 Shattuck Ave.
Oakland, California

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are merely listing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

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#Philly #Antifa Outed Neo Nazi Merchandise Seller

​Readers from.Philly are probably well aware of Steven Wiegand and his company Micetrap Distributions. However, many people living in Wiegand’s town of Cherry Hill are still totally unaware that he has been peddling Neo-Nazi merchandise there for over 20 years.

Originally published by Philly Antifa

So it is our intention to change that and create an environment in Cherry Hill so inhospitable to Micetrap that Mr. Wiegand will be forced to either close up shop or relocate somewhere far away. Like the fucking moon.

So spread this video far and wide, especially to anyone you know who lives in or near Cherry Hill – and that includes Philly.

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Video : A Is For Anarchy – What is Class? #anarchism

This Submedia TV video takes a closer look at capitalism, the system of economic and political control that dominates our world, and the relationship which gives it life – class.


Continue reading Video : A Is For Anarchy – What is Class? #anarchism

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#NuitDebout #Repression Back in the Slammer: A letter from Damien from the Fleury-Mérogis jail

I am neither guilty nor innocent. I am an anarchist. I have nothing more to say to you.

Damien was arrested on Wednesday, December 7 in Bretagne, charged with attacks against the Chambre of Commerce, a Jaguar dealership, and other targets during a demo that took place on April 14 between Paris’ 10th and 19th districts. This is his first letter out since being denied bail.

Originally published by Bordered By Silence

I’m writing from Fleury, where I’m being held in preventative detention[1]. Since the charges against me are, as usual, totally boring and unimaginative, I wanted to offer a different telling of the lovely spring night of revolt, written by some true lovers of disorder, so that my comrades have an accurate and realistic depiction of what I’m alleged to have done: “Reportback on April 14: hold in the rage too long and it bursts out like it should”[2]

I don’t want to complain, so I won’t give a detailed account of my arrest, similar as it was to all those that happen each day, here and around the world. However, it does seem important to mention a few things.

During the search, the cops found some anarchist propaganda, namely some newspapers, brochures, posters, and tracts, as well as a few texts in the process of being translated. I refused to sign the papers dealing with the search as well as those for my being held taken into custody.

After being transferred to the police station in Paris’ 19th district, I couldn’t reach my lawyer. I refused to be represented by a different one and so my hearing was held without the presence of a lawyer. I made this choice because my statement to the pigs fits in one line: “I am neither guilty nor innocent. I am an anarchist. I have nothing more to say to you.

Because I refused to make a statement, I don’t know at present what evidence they have on file. These lackeys of the powerful only told me that they have 8 DNA samples that match my genetic profile, and I know from having seen it that their folder on me is a brick, six or seven centimetres thick.

To get more information, I’ll have to wait for my lawyer to have access to the folder and to come meet with me in prison. In any case, I’ve already made clear that I want the entire process and all my statements be made available to my comrades so that they can make whatever use of it they see fit. No copyright, no property, and without the censorship of the political bureau of any party, even imaginary ones [3].

After a night spent in the holding cells of the Paris courthouse, a sort of medieval dungeon where the cops satisfy their sadistic urges, I was taken to court for an immediate summary trial [4]. Since my lawyer wasn’t there, I asked for a public defender at the last minute in order to get the date pushed back.

The prosecutor, as usual, started bellowing a bunch of stupidness while making big gestures and sounding quite assured. She stated, for instance, that the residency declaration made by a comrade present in the room was inadmissible, because of grammatical mistakes in the text… And she continued, full of confidence, that of course, all opinions are respectable, even anarchy, but that is no excuse for the actions I’m accused of.

We have to admit, if these clowns in black robes didn’t have power over the lives of others, they’d really be good for a laugh!

But until such a time as the courts are destroyed and the judges are sent to their proper place, in the circus, we can’t let them say whatever idiotic thing that comes to mind. Regardless of the fantastic allegations of the prosecutor, anarchy is not an opinion, anarchy is a set of ideas that fit with a set of practices.

Since what I’m accused of took place during a social movement that wasn’t a single mass, I want to make clear that I refuse the humanitarian solidarity of the unions or of any pacifist or citizens’ group that plays the role of intermediary for the transmission of power. My only desire is for the complicity of individuals in revolt who conspire in the shadows, ai ferri corti [5] with the existant and with power.

My thanks to the comrade present at my arrest for the dignity she demonstrated in the face of the little soldiers of order, and thanks to all my comrades who reacted so quickly. Your support in the courtroom warmed my heart and gave me lots of strength.

Don’t be too worried about me. Having spent several years in prison, I know its social codes very well, and I will doubtless find among the undesireables, of which I am a part, a few complicities rich in possibility.

Because submission is never an option, because each individual act of revolt contains all the violence of social relations, because there remain countless stories to be written, across time and space, across the gray metropoles, inside and outside…

… the fight continues.

December 14 2016

Damien Camélio
n° d’écrou 432888
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis (Bâtiment D5)
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 – Sainte-Génevieve-des-Bois
The French State, Earth


1] Pre-trial detention for people who don’t get bail
2] The link is in French, but the gist is that during a demo on April 14, as part of the movement against the new labour laws, a whole bunch of stuff got smashed, including hotels, art galeries, grocery stores, car shares, banks, and notably car dealerships. Folks went inside a Jaguar dealership and trashed as many cars as they could
3] A little jab at the appelists/tiqqunists
4] Often in France, the state will try to run your trial within a couple of days of your arrest
5] “at daggers drawn”

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#Brazil: On the protests against PEC 241/55 in Porto Alegre (25.11 & 13.12, 2016)

Originally published by Insurrection News

They want us awake at the first hour of the day to work every day and if possible for our who life until the last years of our strength…For what? We already understand and we will not accept it.

The destruction of the earth and all that is living and turning them into money is the law. The laws that together form the constitution, which is the bible of state, of democracy, are a set of treaties and impositions of politicians, propertarians, the rich, capitalists and false critics. Everything that comes from it is harmful to freedom. The parliament is a lair and from it will always emerge a will to be a canga (translation note: canga is a multi-use piece of fabric also known as a sarong that is often used in Brazil instead of a towel) under the human collectivity that lives in the territory controlled by the Brazilian state. In the permanent firefight that the government maintains against the population the new Constitutional Amendment Project PEC 241/55 is a mortar. It is the most raw expression of power: we command, you obey, work! And still more to come, the new government remains an enemy like all its predecessors, is updated in its predatory attack against populations and land, against everything.

When we arrived the war was already declared, we simply rejected obedience and placid citizen behavior. We are not guided by television propaganda, by churches, parties or companies…we are not interested in the good image of this sick and suicidal society.

Good image? The rivers contaminated with toxic mud and urban / industrial waste, their banks and ravines transformed into cement, mines excavated then transformed into landfills, the lands of the original peoples systematically plundered, dismantled, agribusiness, massive poisoning with pesticides, hydroelectric, industrial cemetries, lives transformed into mass graves for ‘sustainable development’.

There is no way to sustain this way of life, we will not sustain it. You say that we exaggerated with violence in the streets during the demonstrations, but we ask: us? Armed with desire, stones, fireworks, Molotovs and all that the streets give us and what we are capable of? Or the laws that guarantee all this disaster, their band of armed assassins, their excavators, their armored vehicles, their news media, their planes of pulverization and their judges?

We value the moment of rupture with the established order that is experienced during certain manifestations such as what happened during the manifestations against the PEC 241/55 on 25/11 and 13/12 in the city of Porto Alegre. These are moments in which authority is being questioned and we can take revenge against it a little more openly, destroying the materiality that represents and operates this system, vandalizing and attacking the police. Encouraging with this practicse an informal culture of fighting in the streets against the system of domination and its repressive forces. It is a moment different to the day to day in that, theoretically, the ammunition of the police is harmless.

The multiple desires of dispersed groups of vandals, joining in the streets, accomplices in the destruction of this plastic world during the demonstration since 2013, managing to break the monotony of the meek and civil demonstrations that are obedient and within the established order that cooperate with the discourse and the strengthening of democracy. The vandals managed to break from the passivity of the demonstrations in the center of Porto Alegre and have maintained this spirit.

At the same time that it breaks from the passivity, it shatters the normality and the flow of commerce, it shatters the continuity of this disaster. It is symbolic but has strength. In the news, they weep for the damage and broken sevices…Damn vandals!

Yes, there are also internal police in the demonstrations, led by the Los Contenedores de Basura. Many call themselves pacifists but they are capable of assaulting a masked vandal who refuses to be a sheep in the flock and even point them out to the police. We read carefully the accounts of the demonstration against the PEC 241/55 on December 13 in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará (1). There the red police of the Homeless Worker’s Movement (MTST) beat up encapuchadxs (hooded ones) of the ‘autonomous block’ for painting graffiti on the street, walking in the direction they wanted and disobeying the sound car and its loudspeakers. Whoever wants power and does not envisage destroying it will always find a pretext to defend it. It is worth remembering the emblematic scene of the protests in Greece against the government’s austerity packages (a PEC) in which the red demonstrators formed a bloc in defense of the Greek parliament against the hooded vandals. They were violently pushed back. Behind the red police came a second group violently defending power, this time it was the official government enforcement side. We will not forgive or forget. When they touch one of they touch all of us whether it is in Porto Alegre, Fortaleza or Santiago.

Guilherme Irish (2) is alive in the streets of Porto Alegre, continuing the struggle, he does not rest in peace. He was present at the protests of November 25 and December 13, hooded in the black bloc, paintng graffiti, handing out leaflets, stoning banks, setting fires at the barricades and our actions. Guilherme Irish lives! Together with Nicolás David Neira (3), Alexis Grigoropoulos (4), Punky Mauri (5) and Pelao Angry (6). They live in our anarchic dance of war against all authority.

We question the role played by the photographers in the demonstrations. We are there, motivated by our desires, they are there for work. And they work for whom? Who do they sell their images to? To feed the journalistic punitive spectacle? Oh, sure! Your images serve as a tool for repressive apparatuses! Think… (7)

During these clashes many people fell into the clutches of the police. The were attacked, humiliated and recorded. We maintain that solidarity with those who suffer repression is the only possible answer!

A wink to all the indomitable: See you on the streets!
With Love and Hate: Masked Vandals
Against all domination! For total liberation!
Long live anarchy!

(1): (

(2): Guilherme Irish, a young anarchist shot dead by his father in Goiania, on November 15, 2016, for being an ungovernable.

(3): Nicolás David Neira, a young anarchist murdered by ESMAD police during the May 1, 2005 demonstrations in downtown Bogotá, Colombia.

(4): Alexis Grigoropoulos, a young anarchist assassinated by the Greek police in the barrio of Exarcheia, on December 6, 2008. From this assassination triggered a wave of riots that marked Greece. Year after year, the rebel memorial returns to the streets in December.

(5): Punky Mauri, nickname of Mauricio Morales, an anarchist who died on May 22, 2009, due to the premature explosion of a bomb he was carrying in the vicinity of the prison guard’s school in Santiago, Chile.

(6): Pelao Angry, nickname of Sebastian Oversluij Seguel, an anarchist assassinated by a security guard on the morning of December 11, 2013 during an attempt to expropriate a bank in Pudahuel, Santiago, Chile.

(7): Anonymous communiqué of 2014 with an opportune reflection on the reporters:

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#DisruptJ20 #J20 #Antifa Reading List

​Originally published by Anti-Fascist News

The term “fascism” has been thrown around left circles for decades as a proxy for authoritarianism, racism, or both. This inability to properly define and understand how fascist movements erupt and grow has created a deficit in organizing, and as we head into a Trump presidential administration and the massive growth of the Alt Right and white nationalism organizers across the left need the tools to break down these movements and how they work.

There have been a lot of “reading lists” put out recently, so we thought we would compile one of our own that combines a whole number of threads that are important for understanding how fascism works. This includes detailed looks at the Alt Right, the more mainstream “Alt Lite,” the role of Neofolk and goth music, white nationalist organizing, the history of white nationalist violence, how the revival of scientific racism works, how anti-Semitism plays out, and all the other tentacles that make the intersectional beast of the new fascist movement.

This list of readings is far from complete, and this page is going to continue to be updated as we add new sections and flesh out the ones that are here. If you think there are some great ones that are missing, let us know, and also know that it is the writings, videos, and audio recordings below that make up a lot of the thinking that goes into this website. We have also angled the list below more in favor of newer articles as well as ones that are generally accessible(though there are a few academic ones dotted in there).


Alt Right


Alt Lite




White Nationalist Organizing




Scientific Racism


Defining Fascism


Queerness and Fascism


Esoteric Fascism


National Anarchism


Third Position


White Nationalist Violence


Conspiracy Theory


Militia Movement


Donald Trump and White Nationalism


Anti-Fascist Organizing

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Support the #EarthFirst! Winter Rendezvous! DONATE NOW SHARE

​Originally published by: Hudson Valley Earth First!

Our local Earth First! group will be hosting the 2017 Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous this February 7th -14th. Get ready for awesome workshops, winter hikes, music, campfires and lots of fun!🙂

Support the Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous!

We are raising money to host 75+ people for a weeklong  gathering of Earth Firsters, eco-defenders, and earth loving rebels. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains within the Hudson River Watershed, we have reserved heated cabins to engage in important movement discussions and provide a space to plug into existing campaigns/projects in our bioregion.

We need to raise $5000 by January 1st to cover the 50% deposit for the cost of the cabins, indoor meeting space and on-site hotel rooms. Thanks for your help!


We are a group of eco-warriors drawn together by common principles and a great love for the natural communities of the Hudson River Valley in New York.

Earth First! is not an organization, but a movement. The only offices we occupy are those we storm during actions. Our version of green technology is the equipment we devise to blockade roads and lock ourselves to machinery. We carry grassroots organizing, home demonstrations, climbing gear, and bike locks in our tool bag. Our actions attempt to deliver an appropriate response to the violence against the living world.

The principles that unite all Earth First! groups are direct action, biocentrism (respect for all life), and a “no compromise” stance.

Pipelines, power plants, bomb trains and a whole slew of other development projects are either currently under construction or in the proposal and permitting phases. Despite a de facto ban on fracking in NY, oil and gas infrastructure continue to invade our communities. Projects currently under construction include:

– CPV fracked gas power plant, being fought by several community groups and HVEF! Also tied up in a bribery scandal with the state; officials of CPV and the government recently indicted.

– Spectra’s “Algonquin” Pipeline, being fought by activists and Ramapough Lenape people, attempting to go under the Hudson River, through sacred sites and near Indian Point nuclear plant.

Projects still awaiting approval or permits:

– Pilgrim Pipeline: 2 oil/diesel pipes recently approved but no permits granted. Over 20 towns and cities along route have passed resolutions against this project.

– Oil barges on the river: coast guard considering 26 crude oil “parking spots” for tankers to supplement bomb train capacity. Many opposed, concerned with reversing clean-up of river.

HVEF! events are organized to raise money and awareness to aid in the resistance against these environmental abominations.

Always For The Wild,

Hudson Valley Earth First!