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#Antifa #Italy #Florence – Bomb against neo-fascist bookshop, a bomb disposal cop wounded and anarchist places raided

We learn from the national media of the explosion of a bomb in front of a neo-fascist bookshop in Florence and of an unspecified number of raids in homes and places of anarchist comrades. A police bomb disposal expert was wounded during the operation to defuse the device connected to a timer: the explosion led to injury of a hand and an eye [previously the media reported the amputation of the hand and loss of the eye].

Originally published by Informa-azione, translated by Act For Freedom Now!

In the hours following searches were conducted in the area of anarchist circles in Florence and Tuscany; at the moment there is no more information about the places affected, while reports say they have not found anything. The bomb had been discovered by a patrol of the Digos in the town involved in monitoring the bookshop near to Casapound, identified as a sensitive objective and already attacked in the past. The prosecutor is investigating for attempted murder.

Further updates coming soon.

(via Informa-azione, translated by Act For Freedom Now!)

3 thoughts on “#Antifa #Italy #Florence – Bomb against neo-fascist bookshop, a bomb disposal cop wounded and anarchist places raided

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  2. […] and Special Operations) and the antiterrorist Italian police, regarding two events. First, an explosive device was put in front of a fascist bookshop linked to Casapound during last New Year’s Eve, and the police bomb-disposal expert lost a hand […]

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