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UPDATE 1:  15 Year Old Syrian Refugee Killed in #Bremen, #Germany – #antifa alert

A 15 year old Syrian refugee, who was attacked on New Years Eve in Bremen, Germany died in a hospital earlier today.

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According to eyewitnesses, the 15 year old Syrian refugee was attacked at 00:20am on the first of January. The young man was attacked by a group of young men on Lüssumer Heide street in Bremen. The 15 year old had severe head injuries and was rushed into the hospital where doctors had to put him into an artificial coma. Today he died from his injuries.

Bremen police did not report the attack until Friday night after social media postings forced police authorities to release a statement. Police said they have no indications that the attack was carried out with racist motivations.

We will continue to research and update our reports about the case. Yesterday a report came out that racist crimes against minorities in Bavaria are often not reported as racist crimes by the police. We have similar experiences with police forces in other German states.

Bremen police announced that they will release further details about the case in the coming week.

Update January 7, 19:52. (CET): According to German daily newspaper Weser Kurier, spokesperson  Frank Passade of the Bremen state prosecution stated that there are no indications at the moment that German nationals were involved in the murder of the young refugee. Passade said that this is the reason why the Bremen police department until now has announced no indications of a racist motivation for the crime. Actually Passade said nothing at all because he used language such as “at the moment” and “until now”. At least Passade confirmed more information will be provided in the coming week. We will keep updating this article when we have new information.

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