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#Anarchism: A Wager On The Future – Audio Zine

An Audio zine about Anarchist organization, the Islamic State, the crisis, and outer space by Josep Gardeneyes.

Originally published by Resonance Audio Distro.

1:40:05 – A Wager On The Future – Josep Gardeneyes – MP3 – Read – Imposed – Torrent – Archive – YouTube

Anarchist organization, the Islamic State, the crisis, and outer space

“To have any possibility of destroying this prison society and averting the horrible destiny that is unfolding around us, it is indispensable: to stop conceiving of our weakness in terms of dissemination; to abandon the practice of recruitment and the delirium of mass organization that it represents; and to energetically criticize those currents that make use of marketing and populism. But much more than attacking our errors, we have to mark out other paths to follow, with actions more than with words.

To start with, it cannot be a single path. No one practice is capable of including all the activities necessary for a revolution. We must think of revolt as an ecosystem. If we try to be the only species, we kill the revolution.”

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