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#Dortmund #Germany: Fascists Tried To Disrupt Meeting of Anarchists

In Dortmund, Germany people mobilised for an open meeting on January 10th, to organise anarchists at the University for Technics (TU). On the evening the meeting took place about 50 fascists showed up and tried to disrupt the meeting. There will be a rally on January 13th.

Translated and edited by  Riot Turtle for Enough is Enough

In the call for the meeting, activists said that they wanted to establish an autonomous initiative to spread anarchist ideas and practises at the TU, and the college of high education in Dortmund.

At Linksunten activists wrote: “We want to provide a self-organised platform where better conditions to live and study at the university can be implemented.

On the evening the anarchist meeting took place, about 50 fascists showed up on campus. They came to disrupt the meeting, and intimidated people who were interested in order to prevent spreading of the anarchist idea.

The fascists specifically accosted some people who wanted to go to the meeting, some of the nazis tried to impersonate organisers of the anarchist meeting. People of the students’ union executive committee made sure that nobody believed the fascists.

The fascists also tried to intimidate people with armored gloves and bottles. For a short time they also kettled a group of people who wanted to participate in the anarchist meeting. The fascists said they also spread leaflets on the campus.

Of course, the who is who of the fascists from Dortmund were spotted at the campus: Christoph Drewer, Michael Brück, Steven Feldmann and Dietrich Surmann where seen there.

Some students called the cops quickly because they felt threatened. At the beginning of the police operation 2 cops came in plain clothes, later 2 additional cops in uniform arrived. These 4 cops did not interfere during the threatening situation caused by the fascists. Instead some comrades where accosted by the cops.

Not until after the anarchist meeting began did more cops come to send the fascists from the campus.

The anarchist organisers didn’t expect to be protected by cops, but found it interesting that during the time the fascists were clearly the ones who where threatening, the cops only checked anarchists and were hiding in the small building of the gate keepers. Surprisingly the security guards of the university were showing solidarity with the anarchists, some of them were attacked by fascists because of their alleged migration background.

Despite of these obstacles, the anarchist meeting took place. Some people who were interested were intimidated and did not participate in the meeting. It also wasn’t clear for a while if we would be able to hold the meeting. Some people who were interested to participate in the meeting were isolated into very small groups because of the fascist activities on the campus. These small groups were not able to move freely and couldn’t find others. The anarchist organisers say that until now they don’t know if there were physical attacks.

After the organisers were convinced that all of the people who were still there wanted to participate in the anarchist meeting, we searched for a room to start. Organisers stated that they did not have to move to another location because of the fascist intervention, they never planned to hold the meeting in the EF 50 building where most of the fascist were standing.

The meeting started with a reflection of the fascist action, but the people at the meeting also spoke about their ideas to start an anarchist student group, and made plans for further meetings and actions. Of course people were bothered by the fascist threats, but there was a positive drive during the meeting. It became clear that Dortmund university needs a anarchist student group, and many people are happy about the initiative. Anarchists that participated at the meeting will become active against the depoliticization of the university, and contribute to make the university to a place which is no longer a tool to select people and to knead people for working life. The anarchists at the meeting vowed that fascist thugs will not stop them.

At Linksunten, anarchists wrote that even in times of a general shift to the right in society, complete with daily attacks against refugees and the left in Germany, its an absolute precedent for 50 fascists (mostly non students) to threaten students at a campus. This fascist action must have consequences! As students, we have to take care that fascists and rightwing violence have no place at the university anymore. What will happen next? We have seen that we can’t count on the cops, and only mutual support and organisation from below can provide our own security and antagonize the shift to the right.

Come to the “campus without nazis” rally for “a life, love and learning in freedom!” on Friday  January 13th at 03:30om (15:30) at Martin-Schmeißer-Platz at the university in.Dortmund and organise yourself in the anarchist student group of the university and college of high education in Dortmund, Germany.

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