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#Antifa: Cops Allegedly Provided Information to Fascist Terror Group in #Freital, #Germany

State prosecuters are investigating 3 cops from the German state of Saxony for allegedly providing information to suspects of the fascist terror group Freital. But there could be more. The neo-nazi Freital group carried out several arson attacks against refugee shelters.


Written by Riot Turtle for Enough is Enough

German cops and the German secret service, the “Verfassungschutz” are constantly being accused of apparent ties with German militant neo-nazis. The “Verfassungschutz” has a long history of collaboration with German fascists

At first there was only one cop who was accused of providing information to suspects of the neo-nazi terror group. In December 2016, state prosecutors began to investigate a second cop, who is also accused of providing information to suspects of the Freital group. According to German media outlet Zeit Online, now a third cop is being investigated for providing information to the fascist terror group. But there could be even more, because in December investigators from Saxony, Germany started a fourth investigation.

In a statement Markus Ulbig, interior minister of the German state of Saxony wrote that the allegation is the same in all cases: Cops might have provided secret information to neo-nazis who allegedly caried out a series of terrorist attacks in the small province town Freital, near Dresden in 2015.

One of the main suspects of the fascist Freital group, Timo S. already told investigators in December 2015 that contacts between the terror group and police could be closer than they are supposed to be. During an interrogation he admitted that one of the other fascist suspects, Patrick F, became an insider who received tips from German riot cops.

It took 4 months for the state prosecution in Dresden to start an investigation after terror suspect Timo S. made his remarks about riot cops providing information to the militant neo-nazi group. The state prosecution didn’t start their interrogation until after a lawyer of the victims of the fascist terror attacks pressed criminal charges against him. The state prosecution of Dresden investigated against an “unknown” person until December 2016, although Patrick F. already told interrogaters the name of the cop involved in August 2016.

The investigators who did the interrogation came from Saxony, Germany. According to the state government  of Saxony, the interrogation was done by order of the federal state prosecution, and the government claims that this was the reason why the state prosecution of Dresden didn’t know the name of the cop involved. This changed after German media outlets “Spiegel” and “Zeit Online” reported about it.
Last month we reported about a tweet of the leader of the fascist Pegida movement, Lutz Bachmann, who tweeted about the suspect of the islamist terror attack in Berlin before the cops officially released the information. Bachmann claimed he received inside information from cops from Berlin.
In times where prominent members of the German fascist AFD party, including a judge from the state court of Saxony in Dresden who declared “the guilt cult for terminated”, it seems that certain elements of the German police are a major problem. Apart from increasing racial profiling operations by German police, there are increased reports about close ties between parts of the police forces and German neo-Nazis, and massive repression against anti-fascists.

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