#DisruptJ20 #Milo Yiannopoulos Supporter Shoots Protester in #Seattle

Last night, at the end of a long day of successful actions against Donald Trump and the rise of fascism, fascist media personality Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University of Washington in Seattle. Hundreds of antifascists showed up and courageously blocked the entrances in the face of considerable violence from police and fascists. At first, the anti-fascists were outnumbered, but as the less fanatical adherents of the alt-right gave up and an anti-Trump march arrived from elsewhere in Seattle, the balance of power shifted. A couple hundred Milo fans were able to enter the building, while confrontations continued outside.

As Milo began speaking, one of his supporters shot one of the protesters in the abdomen. The police rushed in to clear the area but did not detain the shooter.


Originally published by CrimethInk

Initially, some social media falsely reported that the shooting victim was a fascist, but we have confirmed that it was a protester. The victim is currently in surgery. It is unclear whether he will survive.

Over the Seattle Police Department scanner, it was reported that, based on video footage, the shooter was an Asian male in his 50s, approximately 5’7” and 190 pounds, wearing glasses, a yellow Champion baseball hat, and a black leather jacket over a maroon shirt. [We caution readers not to take police reports, even internal ones, as a necessarily reliable source.]

After learning about shooting, Milo returned to stage and said that he thought the show should go on: “If we don’t continue, they have won.” The crowd cheered.

Police told the audience to remove their pro-Trump hats and other paraphernalia before leaving, and escorted them out of Kane Hall through an underground parking garage. About 250 people remained outside the building.

In a press conference, the police bragged that they maintained “adequate security” for the event, and asserted that it was important to them to work with Yiannopoulos to make it possible for him to engage in “free speech.”

The shooting confirms that Yiannopoulos is not simply engaged in speaking, but is actively working to create momentum for a fascist movement that will not stop short of murder. We call on all people of good conscience to show that Yiannopoulos and his stooges cannot threaten or murder people without severe consequences.

If fascist shootings are allowed to pass without a response, we can be sure that the future will hold many more of them. As dangerous as it might feel to take to the streets right now in defiance of these murderers, it will be much more dangerous later unless we respond immediately. Make sure that everyone who might otherwise welcome this odious tragedy feels the repercussions of your outrage. Proceed to action now, before such brutality becomes normalized, and may your courage become the courage of millions.

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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

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