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#NoDAPL Means No Surrender!

In response to the violent resource colonialism perpetuated by DAPL
employees, Morton County Sheriff’s Dept., and the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, there are many warrior societies (Akicitas) forming in all
camps surrounding the struggle against the construction of the Dakota
Access oil pipeline on stolen indigenous land.

BC-US--Oil Pipeline Protests

A statement from the Fearless Frontline Agitators. Originally published by Anarchist News

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

As the military, police, private DAPL workers,security and investors
have encroached upon and attacked inhabitants on and near Standing Rock
Dakota Territory, we must encroach upon and stop their activities utilizing
many creative methods of resistance. We must hit them in their
economic bottom line; cost them hella money and disrupt “business as

We are collectives of indigenous and non-indigenous water protectors calling upon homies and
accomplices to do whatever it takes to chop the head off of this black
snake. Public opinion and the privileged liberal myth of voting with your
dollar are NOT going to win the day.

We are here to protect our communities,NOT please the mainstream
media. We also recognize that corporations and the military industrial
complex are responsible for the vast majority of worldwide pollution,
NOT individuals or any one group of people. While we need to utilize
MOST of the
“tools” in the metaphorical “toolbox”, including peace and prayer, it must
be remembered that the warpath is also very much a part of Dakota,
Lakota, and Nakota tradition and resilience.

Gear up, dig deep, and warrior up, as there is no such thing as a “quiet
life on the reservation,” or “prisoner of war camp,” as some like to call
it. The most violent thing we can do is to allow construction to continue
uninterrupted; it is only a matter of WHEN, NOT IF the pipeline bursts, and
by then it will be too late. We already have enough documented examples of
environmental racism, degradation, and extreme pollution’s effects
on a land base and it’s people- we do not need more.

We are setting a precedent for the world, and the kinds of communities
that we want to build and live in.

In the spirit of Sitting Bull, stand up with strong hearts, help
dismantle peace police and liberal disease mentality; these modes and
positions of privilege only reinforce our collective enemies and the
fascists systems they uphold, and the rich and elite few that they protect.

May prayer and strategic direct action collide as one. Embrace harmony
not unity- we do NOT all have to do the same thing or sing the same notes
to be a part of the same song of resistance.

Let actions and protests also send the message that we will not
acquiesce to tyranny or accept Trump as President, nor recognize
decisions made by IRA tribal council leaders. We are individuals and
collectives participating in Grassroots Resistance as our own
entities with our own way!

Black Snake Killaz for Life!

In Struggle

Fearless Frontline Agitators

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