#Antifa Alert: Blood & Honour #UK list leak

Blood & Honour is a neo-nazi music promotion network and political group founded in the UK in 1987. Founded by Ian Stuart Donaldson and Nicky Crane it is composed of white power activists and other white nationalists and has links to Combat 18, a neo-nazi terrorist group.


Originally published by 325

325 published a pdf file about Blood and Honour with a leaked list of members in the UK.

Click at pic to download and read the PDF file: There was a failure in the PDF file (See comment), so we removed the file.


‘The force of Hitler makes us small
But one day we will be free again;
we are about to break the chains.
For our fists, they are hard;
yes — and the knives sit ready;
for the freedom of the youth
Navajos fight’

Edelweiss Pirates

About Enough is Enough!

Its time to revolt!
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2 Responses to #Antifa Alert: Blood & Honour #UK list leak

  1. Mark kehily says:

    Hello I’m hoping you can help me I’ve been put on this nazi scum list god knows why someone would steal my picture and do this? I phoned my local police and citizens advice and also spoke to ambrose John the admin on the Antifa uk page where my pic was removed from their list, please get back to me on this or I’ll have to get in touch with the police etc again many thanks mark

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