#JusticePourTheo Investigators: Cops Raped #Theo by “Accident”

Investigators stated Thursday that the cops who sodomized 22 year old Theo with a baton did so by chance, and that the incident doesn’t represent rape. Angry protestors clashed with police on Friday again, the 7th day of clashes in several French cities. In a live broadcasting on state tv “France 2” of French music awards “Victoires 2017” popstar Imany demanded justice for Theo and Adama. Adama died in police custody last year.


Smashed windows of an insurance company in Grenoble, France on February 10.

Written by Riot Turtle

The message of Imany on Friday night was cheered by the audience (Watch the video below). Anger against the police is growing in France, after a state of emergency was declared in November 2015. Until July 23th 2016 french cops raided 3400 houses. Five of these raids led to a terrorism-linked judicial investigation.

On Thursday we reported Theo’s testimony about the police assault against him in Aulnay-Sois-Bois, north of Paris. Investigators are now claiming Theo wasn’t raped by a cop with a police baton. Whereas investigators acknowledge that Théo was penetrated, they are saying it was unintended. By saying that, investigaters actually say that Theo was raped by accident. By playing down the assault against Theo, investigators are fuelling the anger against french police.

Théo suffered extreme anal and facial accidents in the course of the police attack, elements of which had been captured on video (Watch the video below). He was instantly taken to the hospital for an emergency surgical procedure.

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