#AfghanistanIsNotSafe Thousands Joined #StopDeportations Demos In #Germany

In Germany thousand of people took the street and demanded to stop deportations to Afghanistan. The German federal government started to deport Afghan war refugees, but some German states are now considering to stop deporting people back to the Afghan war zone.


Image: Stop deportations demo in Düsseldorf, Germany on Saturday.

Written by Riot Turtle

In Düsseldorf about 1000 people marched to state parliament and demanded from the state government of Nordrhine-Westphalia (NRW) to stop deportations to Afghanistan. Some other German states are already considering to stop the deportations. The civil war in Afghanistan continues but the federal German government started deportations into the war zone in December 2016. Activists said: “Although the German federal government is saying that Afghanistan is safe, German ministers always show up with helmets and bullet-proof vests when they visit Afghanistan.” 

Video: Stop Deportations demo in Düsseldorf, Germany on Saturday February 11th:

In Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Berlin, Nürnberg, Augsburg, Hannover, Erfurt and other German cities people also took the streets to protest against deportations.

Images of the Stop Deportations demonstration in Düsseldorf, Germany on February 11th.

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