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#DD1102 #Antifa’s Block Nazi Demo in #Dresden #Germany

More than 100o people protested against 2 nazi demonstrations in Dresden, Germany yesterday. About 800 nazis were marching in the city but were forced to shorten their route because of antifa blockades.


Written by Riot Turtle

About 1000 counter protestors prevented that the commemoration of the destruction of the city in 1945 was dominated by fascist marches. 200 people blocked the route of a fascist march organised by Franconianfascist Gerhard Ittner at the Marien bridge. The fascists were forced to take a much shorter route.

A second fascist march was confronted with 2 smaller blockades by antifa activists. Dresden city center was destroyed by British and US bombers in the night from February 13th and 14th in 1945. From 1990 German fascists abused the Dresden commemoration day. Ittner announced bigger fascist marches in the coming years during a speech yesterday. In the same speech Ittner also said he is a “convinced national-socialist.”


Image: Gerhard Ittner

Ittner also used word like “Dresden-Holocaust” and “genocide” when he spoke about the 1945 air raide on Dresden. The other fascist march had a banner calling the air raid a “bomber-holocaust.” 

The fascist AFD party called for a “silent commemoration” on Tuesday February 14th in Dresden. Members of the fascist Pegida movement will join the AFD gathering.

Video: Antifa blockades and demonstrations in Dresden on February 11th, 2017:

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