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#JusticePourTheo: Heavy Clashes in #Bobigny

Anger in France is growing after investigators stated that cops raped 22 year old Theo by accident. On saturday thousands of people gatherd to demand justice Theo in Bobigny, a suburb north of Paris. Clashes broke out and continued for about 8 hours. There were also reports from clashes in other suburbs in Paris. Activists mobilice for a huge demonstration for justice and dignity  on March 19.


Bobigny on Saturday February 11th, 2017.

Written by Riot Turtle

A video of the police assualt shows parts of the police assault and does not give the impression that the cops on the video are acting by “accident”. We published the testimony of Theo  of the police assault against him last week.

Yesterday, thousands of people attended at a protest in Bobigny, demanding justice for Theo. After the investigators fuelled the anger with their remarks about the case, it wasn’t a surprise that the protest escalated. Protestors fought running battles with police forces, burned cars and smashed windows of Mc Donalds, banks and other companies. 

The clashes in Bobigny were the most intense clashes so far, after a week of riots in several French cities. Protestors also demanded justice for Adama, who died in police custody last year. Activists and cops clashed until the early morning in Bobigny.

The protest started at 04:00pm in front of the court house in Bobigny. Similar to protests in the days before, many anifa’s and even liberals joined the protests of youhs from the surburbs in Bobigny yesterday.  This mix could lead to a new revolt, after labour unions betrayed the movement against the neo-liberal labor reform in France last year. Activists are mobilising for a mass demonstration in Paris on March 19.


Videos show that riot cops had to retreat again and again in Bobigny last night. But in the night hours this cop car had to retreat very fast. Backwards…


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