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#GDTrial: #Antifa’s Clashed With Nazis & Cops In Courthouse

Antifa activists clashed with Golden Dawn fascists and cops in a courthouse in Athens, Greece during the trial against members of the Greek fascist party today. Cops were filming antifascists and family members of victims of attacks by Golden Dawn fascists. Meanwhile the release of a video of a neo-Nazi rock concert in 2005 attended by the leadership of Golden Dawn in Greece has grabbed headlines and is proving a major blow to the fascist party, which is on trial for several hate crimes and constituting a criminal organisation.


Image: Riot cops evict anti-fascists from the courthouse today. Image from Athens Indymedia

Written by Riot Turtle

At 08:30 in the morning about 50 antifascists came from a nearby subway station to the courthouse but cops refused to let them in, although there were still some seats left in the courtroom where the trial against Golden Dawn party took place. The fascist party is on trial, accused of being a “criminal organisation.” Between 15 and 20 antifa activists where already inside the building, and when cops let a group of Golden Dawn fascists in, tension started rising.

Cops secretly filmed antifascists and victims of Golden Dawn violence with a Go-Pro camera. Although Greek police denied that they recorded people, saying that cops were only using a blue-tooth device, pictures of Domografos proved the denial was a walloping lie.

Images by Domografos

The so-called “hit squad” (tagma efodou) of Golden Dawn was also in action in the courthouse today. A video showed the militant Golden Dawn members as Greek riot cops evicted antifascists from the courtroom.

During todays trial, Golden Dawn fascists taunted the mother of the murdered rapper Pavlos Fyssas today, asking her “Where is your son now?”. Fyssas, known as “Killah P” was murdered on the night of September 17, 2013 to September 18 by members of the Greek fascist party in the Keratsini district in Athens.


Image: The mother of the murdered rapper Pavlos Fyssas in the courtroom today. Image by George Christopoulos.

In Greek media a video was released this week showing Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos along with leading cadres Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros, Giorgos Germenis, Artemis Matthaiopoulos, Giorgos Misiakas and others during a neo-Nazi rock concert in 2005. The video has grabbed headlines in Greek media and is a major blow to the fascist party, whose leaders  describe the party as a party with “only” a nationalist agenda. Visitors of the Nazi concert are shown giving the Nazi salute while singing the Greek national anthem.

The video came on the day of a second Golden Dawn related trial. The mayor of Patras,   Costas Peletidis (KKE, Comunist Party) is being prosecuted for refusing to grant municipal facilities to Golden Dawn during elections in 2015. The content of the video provides strong grounds for his defense.

The bands that played during the concert are from the neo-Nazi and White Power scene. The crowd chanted slogans in German like “Sieg Heil!” and “Juden raus!” (Jews out).

They are raised in honour of two German Nazi performers Michael and Annette. As the crowd shouts “Juden raus” Michael interrupts them to say, in English: “Not only out, but exterminated.”

The surfacing of this video is a huge embarrassment to Golden Dawn. It will be added to the large bundle of prosecuting evidence in the ongoing trial against the fascist party. Its leaders and core members (69 in all) are being prosecuted for a number of specific crimes, including the murder in September 2013 of rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

Images by Souidos and Athens Indymedia

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