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#Anarchism #Zagreb #Croatia: 11th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair

Balkan Anarchist Bookfair (BAB) is an annual anarchist event organised each year in a different place on the Balkans. First BAB took place in Ljubljana in 2003. Since then, it has been taking place almost every year in different cities across the Balkans.


Originally published by Balkanski anarhistički sajam knjiga

After Ljubljana in 2003, it was organised in Zagreb (2005), Sofia (2008), Thessaloniki (2009), Zrenjanin (2010), Skopje (2011), Ljubljana (2013), Mostar (2014), Zadar (2015) and in Ioannina (2016). More informations on past bookfairs can be found here.

Participation at the bookfair is open for all anti-authoritarian/anarchist groups, publishers, initiatives, places etc. (not just from the Balkans) so feel free to come and set up your stall or just visit the bookfair to participate in discussions.

As always, we are open for all suggestions and ideas when it comes to discussions. Also, if you have a text or a book you find interesting and you would like to present it or organise a discussion about a similar topic, just give us a shout.

The idea for such a bookfair is not new and it is based on the positive experience of other Anarchist Bookfairs. In many different situations, these bookfairs have proven to be important events and meeting places on both local and international levels.

This is why we need your help – come and support this event with solidarity and participation!


If you are willing to organise a benefit event for the 11th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, we would appreciate the efforts very much! The money goes to covering tiny bookfair expenses and for helping comrades with traveling expenses.

If you can’t come to the bookfair, you can consider sending some free publications, posters and other materials and we will distribute it for you. Also, you can consider sending books and other publications for sale, we will organise a stall for all of you that can’t come but would like to present your work at the bookfair. Contact us at about details, the address to send stuff to, etc. 


To help us organize the bookfair and finish the program on time, we need you to confirm your participation as soon as possible. Our e-mail address is:

Get in touch and let us know in which way you would like to participate. Here are a few questions, and we welcome any additional information.

Also, let us know if you need accommodation. There are few options but we need all the details as soon as possible.

Some of the details we need from you are:

1. Questions for guests coming from outside of Zagreb:

– how do you want to participate?

– would you like to do a presentation, a workshop or a discussion at the bookfair?

– do you need help with accommodation (there are free sleeping places but do contact us in time)

2. If you would like a stall:

– how big a stall do you need?

– can you help with costs of the bookfair? (This is not a condition to have a stall, stalls are free!)

– send us some basic informations about you (contact, what kind of books/publishers do you distribute [not a list, just short informations]…)

You can download the bookfair poster from our
web page. To download it go to

Details:  program of the bookfair

For more information:



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