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#JusticePourTheo Demo Against Police Violence Escalates at Place de #Republique in Downtown #Paris

About 5000 people protested against racism and police violence in downtown Paris earlier today. Clashes broke out after cops stopped a demo that wanted to leave the Place de Republique to march through the city center. French police took 13 people into custody in Paris today. There where similar demonstrations in Rennes, Marseille and other french cities.


Written by Riot Turtle

During the gathering at Place de Republique a group of protesters wanted to leave the square to march in the city center. Riot cops immediately blocked the march, using tear gas and batons to stop the protesters.

A 15 minute long video (below) by Taranis News  gives a pretty good picture of todays protests in Paris. Again and again riot cops had to retreat because of heavy resistance by activists. According to police sources two policemen were injured and 13 people were arrested. Banks were attacked and there where some heavy battles between riot cops and protesters.

In Rennes, Marseille, Nice and other french cities people also took the streets to demonstrate for Theo and against police violence today.


Image from Rennes earlier today.

After more than 2 weeks of protests and clashes it becomes clear that people are fed up with the state of emergency, daily racial profiling operations by french police and the neo-liberal agenda of the wanna be socialist government of predident Francois Hollande.

The protesters are a mix of revolutionary anti-capitalistic antifa activists, youth from the suburbs and leftwing liberals. But more and more prominent members of society are also demanding to stop racism and police violence. Former French national soccer star Lillian Thuram was among the Paris marchers Saturday calling for justice. “Living in the public space is not the same, depending on the color of your skin,” he said. “We’re in 2017. This is a real shame.”

Demonstrator Hamid Djudi, 57, expressed frustration Saturday that successive French governments have failed to prevent abuse and discrimination.

“In the 1980s, we were protesting racism … I was 20 years old in the ’80s. I used to face (police) controls four times a day,” he said. “History repeats itself. My own children are facing the same troubles.”

“One of them is an engineer, the other is a doctor, and my daughter is at the Institute of Political Studies. And they are controlled by police every time they go out of our building,” he lamented. “This is not normal. That’s why I decided to come here. To protest for my children.”

The revolt started after Theo was beaten and raped by 4 cops on February 2. You will find more information about the ongoing protests and background information on our list of articles about  here

Image gallery: Paris earlier today

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