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#Lübeck #Germany: #Antifa Activist Stabbed By Fascists

During the night of February 18th, around 02:00am, antifascists observed a group of 3 young men who attached a sticker of the fascist “Identity Movement” in the area of the main train station in Lübeck, Germany.  The group came from the city center towards ZOB by taxi. Before the group got into the car, the situation escalated. One of the 3 men pulled a 5 cm long clasp knife and then slashed at one of the antifascists. The fascist stabbed several times at the level of the antifascist’s neck.


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The anti-fascist was able to block some of the attacks with the knife, but was stabbed two times and suffered a stab wound on his neck, and on his upper shoulder. Our comrade was given stitches several times in the hospital, and had to stay for further treatment. All things considered, he is doing relatively well.

We see this targeted knife attack as attempted murder. The fascist attacker jeopardized the life of our comrade. It was by luck, and because of the experience of the antifascist that no vitally important organs were injured.

Propaganda material of the fascist “Identity Movement” has been spread in the historical inner city of Lübeck  for weeks now. Although the “Identity Movement” is more organised in the neighbouring Ostholstein district, we observe the strengthening of the  fascist movement in Lübeck.


Image: Sticker of the fascist “Identity Movement” which was spread in Lübeck, Germany. The text says: “- Youth without migration background – In love with homeland. Identity Movement”

Description of the attacker:

Between 20 and 25 years old. About 170 until 175 cm tall, thin, physique in shape, well-groomed appearence, gelled dark coloured parted hair, deep blue eyes, blue jeans, shirt, olive coloured coat/parka, mid-height foodwear, right handed.

We will precisely observe the activities of the fascist “Identity Movement” in Lübeck and surrounding areas, and we reserve the right to react with an appropriate response.
Antifaschistische Koordination Lübeck

Action of the fascist “Identity Movement” in Dresden today

Today, February the 20th, 5 members of the fascist “Identity Movement” dropped a banner in Dresden, Germany on an anti-war sculpture by a Syrian artist. They wrote on their banner: “Your policy is scrap! No intervention war. No weapons deliveries. No migrants.” Cops were there with 1 police car, but they didn’t do anything. See the video of the fascist action below:


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