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Participants of Fascist Pegida Rally Clear & Attack #Antifa Blockade

About 2000 people joined the weekly march of the fascist Pegida movement in Dresden, Germany on Monday night. About 30 antifascists blocked the march, and the police officer in charge decided to reroute the fascist march on the tracks of the tramway. Two antifascists tried to block the march again, but were cleared by participants of the Pegida march.


Image: Pegida participants clear a small blockade on a tramway in Dresden, Germany. Cops did not interfere. Image by News Photo – Fotojournalismus

Written by Riot Turtle

The 30 antifascists who blocked the fascist Pegida march on the Waisenhausstraße were kettled by police, and all of them were individually photograhped by cops and had their ID’s checked. They all could have to face criminal charges, although cops on the scene would not say what kind of criminal charges could be filed.


Image:  Antifascists who took part  in a sit-in blockade were individually photograhped and having their ID checked by cops. Image by News Photo – Fotojournalismus

After cops decided to reroute the Pegida rally on a nearby tramway, 2 antifascists tried to block the march again. This blockade was cleared by 2 men in civilian clothing. Police forces of the German state of Saxony would not say today, if these men were plain clothes cops. Police authorities stated that they will answer questions about the incident in the coming days. But after research by News Photo – Fotojournalismus, it became clear that both men have participated at several Pegida demonstrations in the past.


Image by News Photo – Fotojournalismus

It’s not suprising that the cops who were standing next to the Pegida activists that cleared the small blockade decided not to interfere. Again and again there are reports of Cops in Saxony with close ties to fascists in the German state. After the Islamist terror attack in Berlin last year, Pegida leader Lutz Bachmann allegedly received information from cops about the suspect of the attack. Last month we reported that state prosecuters are investigating 3 cops from the German state of Saxony for allegedly providing information to suspects of the fascist terror group Freital. But there could be more. The neo-nazi Freital group carried out several arson attacks against refugee shelters.

Participants of yesterdays fascist Pegida demo also threw butyric acid into the counter demo, cops say they are investigating the attack. Its not the first time that counter protesters have been attacked with butyric acid during Pegida actions.


Image by News Photo – Fotojournalismus

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