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#Hungary: Free #Roeszke11! Appeal of #YamenA Starts At February 28th

Two of the so-called Roeszke 11 are still imprisoned in Hungary. Ahmed H., a Syrian man was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on “terrorism” charges during November of 2016.  Yamen A. was sentenced to to 3 years the next month. Yamen’s appeal against his sentence will start on February the 28th. The other 9 people of the Roeszke 11 were released after they finished their sentence and left Hungary.


Written by Riot Turtle

One of the two men who are still imprisoned is Yamen A. Yamen A. was sentenced to 3 years in prison at the beginning of July last year. He is imprisoned in complete isolation in Szeged, Hungary. Many people tried to visit Yamen, but all applications to visit him were rejected by Hungarian courts. Yamen is also not allowed to receive any letters. During the first trial, evidence presented by Yamen’s lawyers was dismissed. The only witnesses were cops in the trial. 

The reason for the longer sentences of Yamen and Ahmed seems to be that both were talking with a megaphone during protests for the freedom of movement at the Serbian/Hungarian border at September 16th, 2015. Yamen’s appeal against his sentence will start on February 28th.

The solidarity group Free the Röszke 11 are calling for solidarity around the 28th of February, saying: “Let’s  stand up against the criminalization of movement and the voice of resistance! Free Yamen A.! – Free Ahmed H.! Free all imprisoned migrants and political prisoners!”

The other man who is still imprisoned is Ahmed H. Ahmed is a Syrian man accused of terrorism for trying to mediate between the police and the crowd at an event in September 2015, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “terrorism” charges. During the entire trial, complete with islamophobic tropes like asking Ahmed H. about how he relates to women and whether he prays, there was no definition of his supposed terrorism. Ahmed was was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Ahmed will also appeal against his sentence but there is no date for his appeal in court yet. Human rights Orginisation “Amnesty International” started a campaign demanding the release of Ahmed H.

The Free the Roeszke 11 solidarity group is also asking for financial support for Yamen, Ahmed, and their relatives. The group started a crowdfunding campaign, you can find it here.

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