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Police Violence In #Baltimore: Cops Assault 16 yr Old, Who Was Threatened With A Knife

Cops in Baltimore, Maryland have beaten up and arrested 16 year old Alonzo Cox on Wednesday night. Cox  was being threatened by 14 year old female with a knife when police arrived. Police officers involved didn’t even try to deescalate when they arrived and immediately started to attack the victim. 


Image: A cop hitting the 16 year old victim on his head.

Written by Riot Turtle

In a video (below) cops are trying to take 16-year-old Alonzo Cox into custody. Just before that the teen was threatened with a knife by a 14 year old female. Why the cops wanted to arrest the victim is not clear. In the beginning of the video a female cop can be seen throwing handcuffs to the ground almost immediately. Shortly after a male cop can be heard threatening to punch the teen. An eyewitness than says “Why are you hitting him?” The video also shows that Alonzo tried to protect his head.

On Thursday Alonzo told Fox Baltimore he could have cooperated more, but said he began to fear for his life.

“I was scared,” he said. “I thought I was going to get shot that’s all that was going through my mind, ‘please don’t shoot me’,” he added, “I was scared for my life.”

The assault by 2 cops from Baltimore Police unfolded across the street from Woodlawn High School, where cops were called because of a fight involving a knife. When the cops arrived, they reported witnessing a female suspect matching the suspect description walking on Woodlawn Drive, swinging a “large knife” and yelling at Alonzo who was ahead of her.

Cox now faces charges of 2nd degree assault, resisting arrest, and 2nd degree assault on police. The 14-year-old girl was charged with 1st and 2nd degree assault.

Baltimore police is investigating the assault. Ussually cops investigating cops leads to nothing.


13 thoughts on “Police Violence In #Baltimore: Cops Assault 16 yr Old, Who Was Threatened With A Knife

  1. I’m wondering if the victim may be disabled, his response could be pure fear from the police but something about his response makes me think it’s potentially something akin to a meltdown. This may contribute to the explanation of why a younger female targeted him with a violent threat and why the police responded in this way (seeing his ‘unusual’ behavior as threatening or disrespectful). I’m saying this as an Autistic person myself, so maybe I’m just being overly empathetic and seeing him as an even greater victim of he situation than he is…maybe just recognize that same fear in myself if I’d been put in that situation.

    1. Father of teen says his son has been diagnosed with a disorder that impacts his decision making.

  2. Even if he weren’t afflicted with a decision hampering disorder, you can go into a bit of a panic when you picture the social worker who was calming down an autistic kid in the street. An officer was over 15 yards away, and shot him in the lef even though he was lying on his back, hands up in the air while gently talking to the autistic youth. The officer said he didn’t know why he shot the social worker. He had no reason and as far as i know, no consequences for it. Something possesses them to just shoot civilians on a whim. If that fact ever bounces around in your head, you just might have trouble getting your body under control. You just might start making nervous mindless decisions, hesitate too long to comply because you’re distracted by the mental image of things going wrong.

    I worry terribly for anyone caught in the path of a poorly trained officer. This child was brutalized by cops thatare horrible at their job.

  3. Wonder if the teen boy goin sue the cops 👮 hopefully the cops loose there job had no right to do that

    1. Yeah hopefully his parents pursue a law suit for they’re child.

  4. What is this cop’s name? The one who was assaulting and punching that child.

  5. Hit my child and I will hit back

  6. This site keeps cutting me off. The father said he has a medical issue. I hope everything gets straightened out because i have children and grandchildren and i know how i would feel.
    I hope all the parties involved are ok/ not hurt and i hope the police had a good reason for the way they were handling this. And if they did not it is time for their supervisor to investigate and find out the whole story. Prayers for all involved and prayers that the children are unharmed.

    1. Handled by race. Cowards

  7. #thugbluefuckyou!

  8. Enough. These untrained cop need to stop hiding behind the phrase ” he should’ve corporated more bs”…. Ok. These kids are afraid for their lives now. When did we reach here? Huh?….. Murders and bullies wearing badge male/female…. How are you an adult and afraid of a little boy?…. Have to use so much physical force to subdue him…. You are weak minded fools with badges…… Enough is enough!!!!…..

  9. these thug cops had no probable cause to lay hands on this boy . had they done any investigating at all, they’d have learned he was the victim . cops should be sitting in a cage awaiting trial on assault & battery under color of authority, kidnapping, and civil rights violations

  10. Improper discretion and overeactions on the child is their actual behavior of illegal use of excessive force. Because they looked quickly to assess the child simply because of his envolvement and from that point choose not togive any other considerations to gather any other facts of the matter which made them think that they could arrest him, which means that they had proper facts which was clear to them concerning the actual incident at the moment of their arrival. Whereby upon arrival them seeing the black male child and probably just hearing of his involvement they rush to wrongful conclusions and thereby begin to act out against him illegally !!! The black male child acting in defense of another defenseless child is by no mean of any kind of assault or anything else they have charged him with. His actions where self defense in defense of a helpless person _ child
    Here’s where police through out the City and townships and Stated fail to use the proper policing when dealing with these of matters, which is because of white racist hidden structure within their all police administration’s departments all over this country. And where headed for a very serious social breakdown which has already been thoughtout and security measures established to render the general public more seriously helpless than we already are !!! And it’s going to be a very terrible time when it happens to us as a black people!!!

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