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#ICEraids: Santa Cruz Police Says Homeland Security Misled Local Authorities

According to local authorties, Homeland Security was misleading local authorities before, during and after ICE raids in Santa Cruz, California earlier this month.


Image: Armoured vehicle during an ICE raid at February 13th in Santa Cruz, California

Written by Riot Turtle

During a press conference on Thursday Santa Cruz chief of Police Kevin Vogel said the Department of Homeland  Security misled local authorities of Santa Cruz about the raids on February 13th. During the raids windows and doors were smashed and flashbangs scared the shit out of Santa Cruz residents. The raids stemmed from a partnership between local and federal law enforcement conducting a five-year investigation into the notorious street gang MS-13 and suspected criminals in Santa Cruz. Local authorities now confirm claims from local residents that a number of undocumented residents who were not gang related were also detained during the raids. According to local police Homeland Security had promised to detain suspected gang members only. Santa Cruz is a santuary city and trust in local authorities is below zero since the raids took place.

Homeland security officials denied the allegations of local authorities and so it remains to be seen who is misleading who. Here a podcast of yesterdays press conference of Santa Cruz chief of Police Kevin Vogel and mayor Cynthia Chase.


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