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Podcast: What Is Happening In Kurdish Village #Korukoy Under Siege?

Kom News editors Giran Ozcan, Josef Yusuf and Mehmet Aksoy discuss developments in Korukoy village in the kurdish region of Southeastern Turkey.


Image: Korukoy village in Nusaybin’s Kurdish region, southeast Turkey has been under siege since February 9th, 2017

Originally published by Kom News

Korukoy (Xerabe Bava) village in Mardin’s Nusaybin district has been under siege since 11 February by Turkish security forces. Hundreds of soldiers are reportedly still in the village and reports say at least 39 people have been detained, four killed and two missing.

Almost all contact with the area has been cut. People are unable to leave their homes, tend to their livestock or go about their daily business. Soldiers stationed on the outskirts of the village are also preventing a delegation from local political parties entering the area.

This podcast was recorded on Wednesday 22 February

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