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Anarchists in #Rojava Announce #IRPGF

Statement by the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF). The IRPGF is a militant armed group formed to defend Rojava, confront capital & the state, & spread anarchism.

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#Bhambayi Land Occupation: Activist Shot in the Back in South-Africa

In Bhambayi, the Ward 52 ANC Councillor, Zulu, has made it clear that his mandate is to get rid of Abahlali. Councillor Zulu has a deep hate for Abahlali and its leadership and has made it clear that as long … Continue reading

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Video: Antifa Attack Against HQ of Fascist Golden Dawn in Athens, Greece

During the early morning hours antifa activists attacked Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens, Greece.

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Fourth Night of Protests in Paris After Cops Killed 56 Year Old on Sunday

Last night people gathered at Place de Republic in Paris to protest against police violence, it was the fourth night of protests in the French capital. The protesters are demanding justice for old Shaoyo Liu.  56 yearl old was killed … Continue reading

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Repression and Imprisonment in Cachoeirinha, Brazil

Municipal workers are on strike for four weeks now and occupied the cit< council chamber of Cachoeirinha. The Military Brigade used violence to evict the City Council Chamber yesterday morning.

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Global Mayday 2017: Enough is Enough! #Disrupt2017!

May 1st is a day of special significance for anarchists and the labour movement. It originated with the execution of four anarchists in Chicago in 1887 for organising workers in the fight for the eight-hour day in the year before. … Continue reading

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The Case of Imprisoned Anarchist Communist Tasos #Theofilou

Theofilou’s arrest and conviction is part of a determinate crusade against the anarchist and revolutionary movement in Greece.  The appeal trial of Theofilou is set to resume on Friday (31/3) .

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Greece: NGO Control Over Refugees

Four people were arrested in Athens on March 11th. One of the arrestees was a refugee.

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UK: Forced Deportation Grounded by Activists

On March 28th a coalition of activists from ecological and anti-deportation groups joined forces on the runway at Stansted airport (London, UK) to prevent a charter flight taking off, bound for Nigeria and Ghana with people who were being forcibly … Continue reading

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Reportback: Phoenix Maga March

On March 25th, Phoenix John Brown Gun Club sent an open carry community defense contingent to the Make America Great Again rally at the Arizona State Capitol. We carried in formation with an armed contingent of the Arizona Brown Berets, and in … Continue reading

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