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Statement: Raid The Concentration Camps, Not The Squats

Yesterday we reported about the eviction of 2 squats in Athens, Greece and the demonstration last night that was attacked by Greek police. Today we publish a statement by the coordinating body of the refugees’ squats.


Image: A refugee inside a detention center after yesterdays evictions.

Statement of the coordinating body of the refugees’ squats: raid the concentration camps, not the squats

On Monday March 13, early in the morning, the repressive forces of the greek State raided the social space of Villa Zografou and detained eight persons. At the same time, they violently evacuated the refugees’ squat ‘Hospital’ on Alkibiadou street, while arresting around 120 refugees, that were later transferred to the Foreigners police station – despite the horror of the tragedy already lived as refugees. The State, while revealing its totalitarian face, demonstrates its repression power, as was also the case during the evacuation of refugees’ squats in Thessaloniki, last summer. The government forgets, as expected, its leftist past, while applying the classic dogma of “security and order”, following their predecessors path – the path of austerity as well as of repression. This ‘god sent’ show is performed at the expense of people who left their country in order to escape from barbarism and war with the hope for a meaningful life, worth living.

So, “for the first time left” [referring to the slogan of the party of SYRIZA after winning the parliamentary elections for the first time in January 2015], and for the first time this Ithaca is filled with racism, discrimination and total exemption of rights. Finally, if this is the Europe of human rights, why did all these people leave the hell they were living in? We are on the side of the nomad proletariat, the homeless and the wanderers that claim space under the sun. For all of us this demonstration of barbarism constitutes an act of war. The movement, against the State and the government’s repression, will be in solidarity with the refugees as well as with any initiative for self-organization. Because all these initiatives actually prove that people can and want to live together, without discriminations and prejudices, within anti-hierarchical structures.
Finally, [the minister of police] Toscas, [the mayor of Athens] Kaminis and their entire ilk should not forget that this kind of police raids brings memories of the darkest moments of repression, and they should know that when History repeats itself, it is as a joke.

Solidarity is the people’s weapon

Solidarity to Vila Zografou and Alkibiadou ‘Hospital’ squats

Ps1 it would be interesting if the Red Cross that is so eager to use the building of Alkibiadou street as a hosting venue for minors, could explain what happened to the 19 year old Syrian Sabri Belhat, who is missing the last seven months and he was in Red Crosses’ custody

Ps2 The State kicked out of Alkibiadou squat 120 refugees, exercising its repressive power, detained them for 17 hours at the Foreigners station, practicing its anti-refugee duty, and then dumped them in Omonoia square [in the middle of Athens] at midnight.

Coordinating body of the refugees’ squats
Notara 26, Oniro, City Plaza, Spyrou Trikoupi, Arahovis, Kanigos, Pempto Likio, Deftero Filoxenio, Jasmin School, Ipurgio, Aharnon 22

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