Food & Trial Preparation: Solidarity With “March for Freedom” Activists

Two and a half years after the internationally organized March for Freedom, six activists are going to trial. During the day of action on May 5, 2014 there were thirteen brutal arrests at a demonstration on the Kirchberg in Luxemburg. The demonstration was a protest against a meeting of European Union Ministers of Interior entitled “Fight Against Illegal Immigration”.


Image: “March For Freedom”

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Now six of those who were arrested in Luxemburg are being summoned to court on April 5 & 6, 2017. They are accused of collectively violating Article 269 of the Luxembourg Criminal Code (armed rebellion). In addition there are individual counts of bodily injury, damage to property, insulting the police and resisting arrest.

Come and show your solidarity with the activists facing repression!

Information and preparation for the Trial in Luxemburg – Repression against “March for Freedom” // March 24th at 7pm at Waldemarstraße 46, 10999 Berlin // Info and preparation for the trial, organize travel, show solidarity and eat excellent food.

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