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#Montreal: Speech By #COBP At Demonstration Against Police Brutality

We publish the text of the speech by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, which was held during the demonstration against police brutality in Montreal on March 15th.


Originally published by Collective Opposed to Police Brutality

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

Every year, every 15th of March, we are here.

Each year, we are occupying this place to denounce police brutality, repression, social, racial and political profiling. We are here to denounce the militarization of the police, their sexism, their racism, their homophobia and their transphobia … Let us emphasize this Demonstration takes place on stolen land, that indigenous communities are the first victims of a colonial and police state.
This year, in the streets of Hochelaga, it is remarked that police brutality and gentrification are two sides of the same coin.

Let us remember that condos are growing like weeds, while cops expel us from parks and public places. They are harassing the homeless, the sex workers and all those who do not fit into the system’s expectations. Let us remember that the cops protect the bourgeois businesses and state property, while the community centers are in decay.

Let us remember that Ontario Street is constantly patrolled by intimidating, and intrusive cops. They are harassing people that are already suffering enough.
Year after year we ask ourselves the same question: “who protects us from the police?”.

We ask ourselves this question when an independent investigation office finally begins to work on a case, but for a lack of resources, they have to entrusts the investigations to the SPVM.

Year after year we ask ourselves the same question: “who protects us from the police?”.

This question arises when a death in the hands of the SPVM is considered acceptable by the media. Let us have a thought for André Benjamin and Jean-François Nadeau, two murdered by the bullets of the SPVM in Hochelaga, whose deaths barely made into the media.

We ask ourselves this question, “who protects us from the police?”, when we think about the women from Val d`Or who have disapeared, who were violated by police officers. Think of the families who are defensless against a system that upholds 500 years of the unending colonialization of their native people. Who will eradicate the rapes, and the violence that has been ignored for far too long.

“who protects us from the police?”
This question is also raised when police officers adopt their new slogan inspired by Fascist Donald Trump: “make spvm great again”, without worrying about the misogynist, racist and provocative character of this motto.

“who protects us from the police?”
We ask ourselves this question every day as we face police abuses of all kinds, and the means at our disposal, such as police deontology, are corrupt and illusory.

“Who protects us from the police? “
The answer is that we can count only on ourselves, our communities, our neighborhoods and our solidarity to protect ourselves, on our own accord, from the police. It is up to us to multiply our connections, mutiply the meetings and the actions outside the institutions that support and legitimize the police. It`s on us to build a constant balance of power. We have to be vigilant in the face of everyday abuse. We must remember the people assaulted, killed and raped by the SPVM, the SQ and the RCMP.

This year, the COBP wants to celebrate collective efforts to assert our rights, to denounce police abuses, to fight against repression, to expose the unacceptable. Despite the sometimes disappointing results, let us emphasize the courage, strength, and determination of those who choose to act and fight.

We want to welcome more actions, and the emergence of autonomous groups. Let us see more individual and collective initiatives. We commend the way you fight against the opression of this system, despite the violence in its response to oposition.
As long as there is injustice , we will act against it.

No justice, no peace.


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