Greece: Riot Cops Attacked Antifa Counter Protesters in Thessaloniki

About 20 fascists gathered at the White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece earlier today. Antifa activists and riot cops who were protecting the fascists clashed. In the afternoon fascists have planned another fascist march in Thessaloniki. In Keratea fascists had cancel their march and had to gather in a cafe after antifa activists intervened.


Image: Clashes between antifa activists and riot cops earlier today.

Written by Riot Turtle

Some of the fascists at the White Tower belonged to the “Patriotic Union”. These fascists are known for their protests against refugee children attending in elementary school in the Thessaloniki suburb Oreokastro.


Image: Cops protecting fascists in Thessaloniki earlier today.

The fascist heroes that protested against children who just wanted to go to school had to be proteced by riot cops. During the short but intense clashes 3 antifa activists were arrested.

Video: Clashes in Thessaloniki, Greece:

Image gallery from Thessaloniki:


In Keratea ( East Attica), fascists had to cancel there march through the city. The determination of anti-fascists prevented neo-Nazis to “parade” in the city distributing fascist leaflets as they had originally planned.  The fascist gathering could not be held on the streets due to strong antifascist resistance and had to relocate into a cafe. Two squats of riot cops, DIAS groups of motorcycle cops groups and local cops protected the fascists in the cafe in Keratea.


Image: Keratea earlier today.

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