Wildcat Strikes In One Of The Largest Retailers In #Bulgaria

The workers from one of the biggest Bulgarian retail stores Picadilly, along with anarchosyndicalists from Autonomous Worker’s Union went on wildcat strikes across the country.


Originally published by AR Sindikat

The reason is wage theft – workers haven’t been paid for months. The company owners and high management are hiding and refuse to give any explanations. The demands of the workers are for immediate payment of the salaries and full benefits. They occupied the entrances of the company headquarters in Sofia, but were blocked by private security sent by the management members hiding inside.

In Varna, the angry workers blocked the biggest store of the company in the city. After that, they marched to Investbank (the bank that is in control of the assets of the company) demanding the bank to unblock the payments. Some of the workers rushed inside the bank while others stood outside picketing.

The company is owed by Nikolay Lazarov through Luxembourg offshore company.

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