Arson Attack Against Refugees Demonstration in #Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland: On Friday morning (March24th, 2017) at approximately 4:30 a person in dark clothes set the back wall of the refugees demonstration tent on fire using a can of petrol.

Submitted to Enough is Enough

The arsonist escaped from the scene on bicycle towards the Kaisaniemi park. Two persons from the fascist Suomi Ensin demonstration arrived shortly after to record the fire on video. One of the refugees protesters injured his hand while extinguishing the flames and has received treatment at a health centre. Finnish supporters of the demonstration were also present and alerted the police.
The protesters are shocked. ”When we began our demonstration, we didn’t even think it possible that things like this could happen,” says Afghan demontrator Tariq Mommand. “We ask the police to find the person responsible and to bring them to justice,” Mommand and security representative Karrar Jawameer continue.
The refugees will continue their peaceful demonstration asking for fair and humane treatment from the immigration authorities and the Finnish government. The refugees ask that decision makers condemn the arson, along with all and any kinds of violence towards any group of individuals exercising their democratic right to protest.

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